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  1. Thanks for the replies guys, we understand our position now. The multiple households thing definitely needed clarifying! We haven't signed anything yet. We are getting the tenancy agreement on tuesday, and if we aren't all mentioned on it we will get him to change. If he won't change it, we'll tell him we know what he's doing, and if he still won't change it we'll report him. We're not bothered about the lack of HMO licence so if he plays ball we're prepared to go ahead. The regulations for this kind of house seem a bit over the top! With the loft conversion it suddenly needs all this fire safety stuff - if the floor plan was bigger we'd have the same housing situation but it wouldn't need any extra licencing.
  2. Greetings, new member here. I've been searching for the answer to this problem, which led me to this forum. Me and five friends are in the process of agreeing to let a very nice house in south london for a very good price. On paying him our holding deposit today and giving our references etc, he asked which two of us would like to be on the tenancy agreement. We chose two, and then he asked if we minded not being registered on the electoral roll, and told us only two of us should register for council tax. I queried the electoral roll thing and he said two of us could register if we wanted to. When asked why he said it has something to do with the mortgage. It seemed a little strange but on the spot the implications didn't really occur to us. I did ask him to send the tenancy agreement to all of us before the two go to sign it, as they are representing us and we should know what the terms are. He agreed to email it to us on tuesday, so we'll read it and see what it says. Having discussed it and done some research, we've decided we all definitely need to be on that tenency agreement or the four remaining tenants will have no rights. So if we are, then that side of it is fine. But the electoral register thing is very suspect. Why would he not want us to register to vote? We all need to be on the electoral roll or we're risking our credit rating, and also we might even want to vote in the next election! The big thing that's been flagged by searching through this forum is the 'something to do with the mortgage' thing is that the landlord does not have a BTL mortgage, and the agent is covering his ass. Would six of us being on the electoral roll flag to the mortgage lender or something, and expose his fraud, if this is the case? Can anyone think of any reasons why the agent might have this clause? Any advice on what we should check? Obviously we're already very wary of the risks we might be getting ourselves into. Having already been mislead by this landlord on rent and admin fees, it is only the great quality of this place that's keeping us attracted. I'll be away for the weekend so won't be able to read any replies until monday. Cheers people!
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