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  1. I can assure you that the worst parts of Leeds are just as bad as the worst parts of Bradford. In fact I think they are worse. I worked in Harehills (Leeds) for about a week and I can remember walking down this street where pretty much every other house had metal bars guarding the windows and doors. It shocked me. It wasn't that they existed, I'd seen the same in bad parts of Bradford but the sheer number of houses that had them. Prison came to mind. I've never seen anything like it in Bradford, not on that scale. On the other hand the rich parts of Leeds (Alwoodley) are far more affluent than any area in Bradford . . . but you'll pay for it, just not quite London prices.
  2. Australia have their own facility for producing vaccines. It didn't quite come up to speed. Not sure you can blame France for that.
  3. Don't think so. It's a bit like that tattoo studio which was demolished by that guy from Leeds who happened to be from Bradford.
  4. Its in Leeds but it's 'peak Bradford' ? What?
  5. I live near that ring road. Not many dodgy pubs, in fact I don't think there are any pubs at all! There you have it though. Leeds nicked the decent YBS jobs, they also recently nicked the tax office jobs that were in Bradford. The decline continues, all for the benefit of Leeds.
  6. WFH and the internet - pretty much takes up a large chunk of the week. The question then becomes the quality of leisure time. We don't have Kensington museums or the choice/quality of eateries. Then again walking country is all around. It's somewhat more complicated than that as some people want to stay in close proximity to family and friends.
  7. Lol ! That kind of money buys quite a lot of grim in these parts!
  8. Yes, certainly one of the richest in the country without doubt. You just have to look at the scale of Salts and Listers mills to understand how it dressed the world in worsted cloth. Of course textiles was never one of the better paid occupations, so rich mill owners and a relatively poor population. Much reliant on one industry though, once that started to decline there wasn't much to replace it. In the 70's and 80's Leeds city centre was horrid, worse than Bradford. Around the early/mid 90's an awful lot of money was being pumped into it to the point now that it's completely transformed. I think it's gone a bit too far and it's beginning to look like an awful lot of buildings made of lego!
  9. Believe me you could do a lot worse than living on the fringes of Bradford. Bingley (there are others) isn't bad and it's a short hop away from sheep country or the much more bustling city centre of Leeds. As for the centre, well it's suffered a real decline, far too many empty retail units. Many of the buildings are of high quality being constructed during the Victorian era, mainly built of stone. As Si1 has stated, there's not much empty space between Bradford, Leeds and Halifax - it's just one big conurbation.
  10. I'm no longer self employed. There was no point continuing, with the 20% imposition of VAT when exporting to the EU. I was self employed from '95. The last self employment (different business) was from 2007, so I had survived nearly 14 years. It had given me a living. Not great but a reasonable living in an area that has high unemployment and an area that is considered blighted.
  11. I lost my job. Thanks. But here, have some more Brexsht winning: https://www.theguardian.com/business/2021/sep/12/ms-may-close-some-french-stores-due-to-supply-chain-delays-caused-by-brexit
  12. I don't give a sht what you think. I doubt you lost your job, I doubt that you even care.
  13. They are complete and utter bllshtters. The damage it is doing is relentless and the only answer they have is to deflect the blame onto something else. They have zero answers. It is a treacherous assault on our country and you can bet your life that the likes of Johnson and Fartrage will slink off unharmed.
  14. Yes and fatso Johnson can no longer spout vaccine, vaccine, vaccine! Not when the mighty EU Portugal are absolutely pssing on the UK. Even the very vaccine reluctant French have overtaken us.
  15. Right. Then they can introduce their tax hike after their mandate.
  16. Just like the shameful nonsense of a no mandate tax hike by the Brexsht government.
  17. Complete bllsht. Denmark are an EU country. They aren't allowed to treat asylum seekers like that, Brexsht country can . . . oh wait. . . . then again they will be nicking the jobs our Brexsht voters could do. It's complex isn't it?
  18. Complete bllsht. Denmark are an EU country. They aren't allowed to treat asylum seekers like that, Brexsht country can . . . oh wait. . . . then again they will be nicking the jobs our Brexsht voters could do. It's complex isn't it?
  19. Big deal. If you popped along to his company and really analysed it you would almost certainly find. . . . all manner of inefficiencies.
  20. Real bunch of complete idiots on this topic. What the fck are you all worried about? Johnson is going to increase hospital capacity by a HUGE amount, 40 !! new hospitals and that's just in England. You voted for it.
  21. The government are fcked, they haven't got a clue, a bunch of chancers who came to power on lies, deceit and promises that blow away in the merest hint of a breeze. Just keep on watching as the UK is increasingly seen on the international stage as being led by deluded fcked up shtbags.
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