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  1. Don't know. Tories had a leadership contest in 2016 and May won fair and square. Why do they want to subvert democracy and have another one? The others lost, get over it.
  2. You've made the assertion. It's up to you to prove that assertion right. Let's see what you've got. Don't be shy. Prove it.
  3. But if they fall ill or die it doesn't really matter if they move to the right. All I was doing was pointing out the facts of the demographics. I didn't state that I wanted older people to die because it suited my politics. Nor did I imply it.
  4. It's not a sick statement. It's a fact. People die or get ill as they age.
  5. In any new referendum remain have demographics on their side - older voters dying or going into care, new young voters coming on to the electoral register. Getting the young vote out may not be as difficult either. Just as a note prior to the referendum I was conducting my own polling (few local boozers!). I was struggling to find any remainers. Being in my mid 50's meant that it was older voters who I was coming across. Seriously, it was something like 3 or 4 to 1 in favour of leave. 'I don't want them telling us what to do' was one comment I remember. It was said in a rather angry manner too. The other was 'we can do it all ourselves, we don't need them' - said in a more polite manner.
  6. Tories in chaos, meltdown. They'll still have a 5 point poll lead 😃
  7. Yes Johnson gone and it's the EU that's collapsing. Bull fckin sht Brexiters.
  8. Changing. For the better? In what way? What do you see as the prize, the mechanism and how will it be achieved?
  9. It's been a joke for a very long time. People talk of the EU collapsing. Britain looks far more in danger of collapsing than the EU.
  10. Yes, Black and White: We could be like Norway! - N. Farage. No one is talking about leaving the single market. - D. Hannan.
  11. Yes CCC. It was made perfectly clear by Farage: Norway. We could be like Norway. Farage, the guy that many leavers liked and really respected.
  12. Anyway, how long for a leadership challenge? Yet another distraction to the matters in hand.
  13. How do you know they were listening to Cameron? More likely they were listening to Farage, after all he's perhaps the biggest single reason the referendum happened in the first place, the man they respected. The man they respected was banging on about 'being like Norway' - to use his quote.
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