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  1. Israel isn't doing bad. The last time they had double digit deaths in a single day was 27 th April, just 7 deaths in the last week. I think the Indian variant has been in Israel for more than a month.
  2. Bu. . . b . . .b .. but vacinnes! vaccines, vaccines! great British brexit vaccine success and the Indian trade deal was too good an opportunity to miss. Move along, if you were a true patriot you should be supporting the government in all that it does in this crisis of a pandemic.
  3. I've got a feeling that KZB will be the last Brexiteer standing, fighting to the bitter end, parts torn asunder.
  4. Yes, just like everyone is a socialist, especially in a pandemic. Tories no longer think that the minimum wage is evil and is going to cripple every business in the UK. Many thought green energy was a form of tree hugging. The clown wants to spend loads of dosh leveling up the north. He also wants to build 40 new hospitals. We are all socialists now.
  5. Brexiteers such as KZB are more than happy to throw anyone under that big red bus. No one voted to decimate the Brexit flag ship of fishing and farming, yet this is exactly what is coming to pass. They are nothing but f'kin traitors, an absolute disgrace to this country.
  6. Why on earth don't you understand? Why? It was the democratic wish of parliament. They voted for it. It was the democratic vote of the people. Why don't you respect the democratic vote? Do you really want to put the same question to a vote and hope you obtain a different outcome?
  7. Do you know which party said that a minimum wage was evil? Did you know which party said that 50p per hour would decimate British business? It's the very same people on here who are saying that immigration has fcked the British working class because of low wages. . . . yet every one has voted Tory for decades. Go figure.
  8. Don't worry, the thought of death has a way of focusing the mind.
  9. You probably will and no doubt that you should seek hospital treatment. Gasping for oxygen isn't going to be a pleasant experience. I'm perfectly fine with anti vaxxers getting treatment if they get into trouble with covid. It's the humane thing to do. I'll declare now that I've had two covid jabs, a flu jab and three tetanus jabs in the last one and a half years.
  10. It's probably not bs. My sis is a nurse (Leeds) and had 2 covid patients on her ward both with the Indian variant. That's after weeks of zero covid patients.
  11. It's almost 40 million who have been fully vaccinated in India. Tiny percentage of the population but not an insignificant number. I get that the data is limited but surely there must be anecdotal evidence from medics and it can only be a matter of weeks before the real data comes through. I'm guessing of course.
  12. Why couldn't we wait for data from India, they must have at least a few million dosed with the AZ vaccine by now?
  13. Not only don't they give a sht about them I've yet to hear one single sympathetic word for them from a brexiteer. Not one. The silence tells us everything that we need to know.
  14. They do. That's because fat fck face Johnson is just like those chavs and morons. Just try to work out how many sprogs he's pumped out. Little wonder he's desperate to fleece the tax payer.
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