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  1. As I stated, I'll wait for the results of the serious, rigorous studies. I wish it well. Any drug that has a high success rate has to be a great thing. In fact if it has an extremely high success rate then it's far better than any vaccine. Unfortunately those who promoted HCQ went on and on and on about it months after the medical establishment had long given up on it.
  2. I'll wait until the peer reviewed studies are done. Until then ivermectin is the new HCQ. Sorry, the new HCQ with Zinc. I mean the new HCQ with Zinc administered early enough. No! I mean the new HCQ shoved up yer ar*e, with zinc and early enough.
  3. A friend had the vaccine and the next day he cut his finger whilst chopping an onion. The evidence is mounting!
  4. I had the vaccine a few days ago. Absolutely zero side effects. I barely felt the needle going in. Therefore I'm declaring the vaccine 100% safe, no one will ever get any side effects and the most that anyone will feel is a teeny tiny scratch on the arm.
  5. I thought you yourself seriously considered overpopulating Dublin? I apologise if it was someone else.
  6. Yes of course, we don't want people to know of others losing their livlihoods would we. That would be so nasty to the likes of Fartrage and Mogg. I do wonder if they are finding things a bit of a hard slog financially.
  7. Germany is even better, largely because it has an older population, as does Italy, Spain, Portugal, Denmark and a number of other European countries. There are many factors though.
  8. Yes, some of them are hustling right over to what is now becoming 'little England', also known as the Netherlands. It's the smaller players who are taking a profound hit. Not sure the Netherlands are complaining. https://www.theguardian.com/politics/2021/feb/21/sussex-medicines-firm-takes-production-line-abroad-white-van-beat-brexit-ban
  9. Yes and I suppose you think the numbers we are getting from places like Belarus and Russia aren't vastly under reported. So a respiratory virus that spreads in a respiratory way only does so because you are testing. Stop testing and it will magically disappear. All those SAGE experts, epidemiologists are completely wrong? We've been here before, August. It was all over then. It had run through the entire population. You are talking complete and utter sht.
  10. Like the vaccine roll out it looks like the EU are going to lose this battle. The UK is going to break up sooner than that of the EU. That's something I didn't hear from Brexiters pre referendum. Heard many of them state that the EU was about to break up, that we would have an EU army and that Turkey would join. Quite how all that happens when the EU has disintegrated I'll leave for others to work out.
  11. The do nothing scenario would have trashed hospitals. Completely and utterly. The virus doesn't decide to infect people over a year or so, to spread it out so that the hospitals could better cope. No, in a matter of a couple of months we would have seen infection rates at least 3, 4 or even 5 times higher (maybe more) than at our peak. We know the consequence of such high rates. Why do you think that was a good idea?
  12. Oh don't fret. There's no end to it, they even find reds under their beds, dare I say it, other people in their heads.
  13. Because it's forced, just like it is for vile independent TV. It's always interesting to hear the views of people who are supposedly proud of their nation. A broadcaster with a very long history, British through and through. Respected the world over. I'm a little perplexed why they favour some foreign owned media. They also run a very highly regarded website and first class radio stations. Somehow they prefer to support foreign moguls like Murdoch. Why?
  14. You really haven't got a choice. It's fictional. Everyone pays for independent TV whether they like it or not. The only way to prevent it would be to go to the supermarket armed with a hugely long list of all the products that have been advertised on independent TV. Not going to happen. In fact just heading to a supermarket means you are paying for it and folk who work in I.TV ain't doing so for free. That so called 'choice' is a mirage.
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