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  1. It's going to be very difficult for you to understand - so I really wouldn't bother. If you had been around 40 years ago you would have been one of those people that were dismayed about the civil rights marches. Yes, I know you think that those protests were completely "different", that's because history has proven the validity of that particular struggle and history will see the OWS and the St Paul's as the start of a movement that was also necessary. Wait 30 years, then you will get it, till then carry on watching x-factor, allowing yourself to be screwed by an utterly bankrupt system that
  2. Interesting stuff, can you point me to some sources for all of this ?
  3. I think something is up..the gradient for gold today has started to go vertical, I am wondering if we are about to see something significant, sovereign default, bank run etc...
  4. if you have read it, then your comment is completely incongruous, you clearly have not understood it. Politicians have not helped , clearly, but blaming partisan one particular politician (what about Thatcher ffs ?) is pointless, not to mention ignorant, oh I forgot you are posting on hpc..carry on...
  5. Angela/Stumpy, You really are brainwashed, seriously leave the koolaid alone for a few days, suggest you read a little. Blaming straw men for a chrisis such as this that genuinely has some real villains just makes you look daft. Step away from the keyboard and read, start here http://gregpytel.blogspot.com/2009/04/largest-heist-in-history.html now go away quickly..
  6. I see a lot of this... http://www.rightmove.co.uk/property-for-sale/property-26349406.html started out at 330 and with a series of progressive drops it is now down to 265. The problem is that when it starts to go into free-fall, people actually lose interest because they are suspicious as to why the price has dropped so much, so they stay well clear and hence it drops further. Had they marketed it for a sensible price in the beginning they would have shifted it by now. Certainly where I am I see all too much of this...
  7. Seems that most on this board try to use old arguments and logic to answer the problem. There is enough food to feed everybody on this planet, there is enough space to house everybody and yes there are enough resources to ensure that people are looked after in their old age and given adequate medical attention. However ensuring that everybody is clothed, housed,fed and cared for in their old age is not 'sustainable' using the current system. That's because the current system does not set out to achieve this aim, it does not understand that unending growth is simply not possible in a finite wo
  8. Currently looking to buy in Torbay, Devon, here's what I have observed... There really is no sense of reality amongst sellers. I have been looking for about 3 years now and I would say the following pattern is probably accurate for about 90% of buyers... - place house on market for about 10% above the price of the last house sold. Often that is well above 2007 peak levels - after a few months possibly change agents - after about 6 months drop by maybe 5,000 or 2-3% - after another 3 months drop by another 5,000 or 2-3% - after another 3 months, drop a bit further/change EA / take off the
  9. I should ask the question - I forgot - just try to imagine it for a second, what if the whole world refused to pay the sovereign debt, that every single country told the banks to go and F*ck themselves, what would happen ? if you think that it would be a problem for anybody except bankers, then stop, be quiet and then think again, repeat until you finally get it....
  10. Injin. I think the problem here is that many here posting do not understand FRB or the fact that bankers literally magic the money out of thin air. They believe - and trust me I have done many a straw poll with friends - that the banks lend money equivalent to the deposits they possess. They do not understand that banks ceased to do this a long time ago. That they quite literally just type the money into the computer out of thin air. If you pause and think about that people for a second. That 10 pounds that I put in the bank which is a symbol/unit of my actual real world labour, is simply wipe
  11. hmmm not sure what's going on here, but those pictures are clearly computer generated or they have been touched up, look again...
  12. Much more likely that the social media sites will be used as a trojan horse. Shutting down the internet would just raise suspsicion, why not simply drip-feed propaganda via a device people are already engaged with. It works with the TV and the newspapers it will also work with web sites. The irony of orwells 1984 of course is that he could only envisage a totalitarian system being foisted on the masses, in reality that never works long term. Far better to use a device such as modern day telecommunications that people invite in to their houses willingly and what's more they rarely question it
  13. This is far and away the funniest reply I have read on any forum in a very long time. Sir I salute you.
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