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  1. For the last 5 weeks petrol prices have gone up by 2p per litre, is everyone noticing the same at their local garage ? I know the price was stable for a while at around 90p per litre, what does anyone think that the new price level will be, my monthly fuel bill for driving in to work is just rising and rising with no end in sight.
  2. I disagree, there is a deal between China and the west, the Chineese manufacturer their "tat" keep it ever so cheap, we buy, they buy our government debt, everything was fine, for a while. Poor Chineese workers get a few dollars a week, about 1 billion people are kept busy, quiet and in work, we get our cheap goods, this has nothing to do with competition at all. We have overborrowed, the Chineese are now worried that thier mostly US govenment bonds will be toilet paper soon, nobody knows how to get out of this hole but it certainly can't continue for much longer, the world is probably heading for war in a few years, thats all, goodbye. A truly even open global market with equal pay would be fantastic, we can but dream.
  3. "Analysis of spending trends shows that we aren't spending more on this sort of thing than we were in the seventies" What analysis is that then, please enlighten us further ? The problem isn't people going out to buy things, if they have money let them spend it, the problem is everybody else that does not have the money still feels that impulse or need to spend. They have actually buggered up the whole system for the rest. Most of us are are poor to middle income, but a large proportion of people cannot accept that they are not rich, cannot have the new car, cannot go on 2 holidays etc. it is tough but that is life. Again on the issue of cars, back in the 70s and 80s and even 90s only about 20% of people could go into a showroom and buy a new car, credit was made easier and hey presto 80% of people have a new car, the only problem being that a 12k car on credit costs about 20k with interest, but most people don't care, hence the madness.
  4. Circa 1997 people went a bit mad in the UK. From buying a cup of coffee for £3 to almost everyone having a car less than 3 years old. Clothes holidays, weekends away here and there, and of course overpriced houses. If you can't afford it, don't buy it. Didn't these people see the logic of that. If I can't afford to buy something and I go and take out a loan, then I have even less money per month and I now have to pay for my loan. It took millions of foolish people to borrow thousands and build up levels of personal debt not imagined in the UK, we are number 1 in the world in this respect and that is truly shocking. Debt is incredibly hard to actually pay off, being in the red on your bank account cripples you financially, not only are you not able to save, you can't plan ahead one bit. Don't blame the banks, this has more to do with personal greed and an "I want it all now attitude" than anything else.
  5. I just don't see the problem with a live debate. They all want the most important job in the country, and we live in a democracy, some of the comments on here seem to go against that. Would you rather elect someone and then allow them to keep avoiding questions and debate. Oh hang on we already have somebody like that leading the UK, scrap that, he wasn't elected.
  6. Exactly! Most people working in the independent private sector (not working on any state / public money driven contracts) has had to hear from GB for the last 12 years that everything is okay when clearly it has not been. Well I hope all of those voters that knowingly and selfishly voted for labour, just because their publicly funded salaries kept on increasing, will now have to swallow the same line of BS that "services have never been better" and "we are investing more now" blah blah as their very own master of puppets stabs them in the back. Selfish new labour voters, hmm, who to turn to now, labour will not save you, you can't turn to the Tories, they don't want anything to do with you, you're stuffed and you deserve it.
  7. In my experience this is how it is. I have been in IT for 12 years now and have seen all types in this business. Firstly separate the Network guys (putting a disk into a PC / Server and going through the installation wizard) and the workhorses, the programmers, that actually build something useful given half a chance. I am not a contractor but have had them thrust upon our company at the behest of yet another IT project manager wishing to make a name for himself with the IT illiterate Directors. The full timers are on around £35 k a year the IT contractors (SQL Programmers and Web Front End) are on £600 per day. Needless to say we were doing the same work and unit testing theirs with the onus on us to prove an error existed before they would even look at fixing it. In my opinion contractors have priced themselves out of the market and put other IT staff at risk and they know it. If I was opening my own business and I needed a website with shopping facility fast and was faced with an astronomical bill from a contractor, I would also look east, the only problems being the language barrier, support, no source code backup etc. I second all the comments on fake qualifications and just faking the job, I have seen a good few try this, most don't get away with it, worryingly some do. Before I get a barrage of complaints from network support guys, sorry but I am speaking from experience, I have visited companies to do software installs and witnessed comms rooms full of network engineers playing "Doom" or other such nonsense that most of us grew out of by the age of 15.
  8. "I just don't like the Tory Bullingdon club elite", so you don't mind Mandleson buddying up with the Rosthchilds then ? Who would you say has more influence, at worst they all buddy up to the same people, labour have been catastrophic, I was on my second job back in 1997 and earning just 15k a year, one year later I was £900 a year worse off because of tax rises, that is my first experience of new labour when "things could only get better", needless to say it has been downhill all the way after that, just take a look at the fiscal drag while labour has been in power. They always have been the party of high tax, only this time they have conned everyone into believing that tax is a good thing, most of it actually gets wasted and now a great chunk goes into paying bank staff bonuses.
  9. Could you expand ? Exactly how did Thatcher nearly bugger your business up ? You are the kind of voter that has kept labour in power, actually the Tories are the best of a bad lot, you pay less tax under the Tories. Surely that would be better for you, certainly would be for me. So what if he is a Toff, as you put it ? So you don't like the "Toffs" because they aparently look down their noses at us ordinary folk, well maybe some do, but your prejudice is also irrational. Take a good look at labour, champagne socialists, whether they were privately educated or not, can't you cast your vote according to where we are now not what happened in the past, the UK economy is in serious sh1t and all you can say is that your local mp is a nice bloke, well good for him and you, give yourselves a nice pat on the back.
  10. So, times are meant to be hard, the age of austerity is upon us, job losses, higher bills and higher real inflation. Why are our shopping centres still so full of people buying tat, are we a nation of credit bingers ? When will the madness end. Any thoughts ?
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