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  1. You may not be a low life but you are an ****
  2. I think that you will find places like Skeggy, Blackpool, and the like will be worse off next year after this washout summer and the experience of poor standard hotels, high prices in the Uk for food, drink, childrens amusements etc and poor service you will be one of the few.
  3. Its a nightmare for small hotels especially the family run hotels in resorts like Blackpool etc They are all after the same business which to achieve that they need to discount heavily especially during the winter which means no profits, laying off staff, cut back on the content in meals and no refurbishment which means the decor is dated plus wear and tear etc Some of these hotels are in dire need of repair anyway and this winter will see many go under. Meanwhile the large chains are dropping rates and going after anything that moves which again puts pressure on the small hotels.
  4. Of course they will but the end is near and people like you will be sorry!! It cheered me up to see that there are peolpe like you in another world....
  5. I work in Tourism throughout the UK looking at hotels etc A large majority of seaside resort hotels are expensive, need refurbishing, are unclean and have very little customer care - in a word they are run on the cheap. Despite the weakness in Sterling it is far cheaper to holiday abroad plus the hotels are normally a better standard, modern and clean. Finally they have the weather......
  6. What an ignorant fool you are. You shouldnt be allowed anywhere near normal people.
  7. I have to laugh I live in Scotland and I have been looking at a 3 bedroomed house in East Kilbride just outside Glasgow its an ex council house and was on the market at offers over £115.000 Months after not one veiwing it went to a fixed price of £105.000 After two months still not one bit of interest so I offered £60.000.... why not - naturally it was refused. Last month it was repossesed and is now going to auction with a estimated price of £80,000 the original owners are now living with friends! I think that sums it up!
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