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  1. So is saying that the sun always rises from the East, doesn't make it any less true.
  2. Told ya to sprinkle some lime on top of them before covering them up with dirt. . (or bury them deeper)
  3. What are you talking about ? Energy prices going up everywhere so unless we end up with some new cheap source of energy like it happened during the start of the last century deflation is not on the cards
  4. Not if you fixed your interest for a few years. The banks would be the ones taking the pain.
  5. I'd rather work 2 days for £500.
  6. even with a discount, is it worth risking your health for a few bucks ?
  7. Because they sold out by the time the OP linked them here ? That Sold STC across the corner should be a clue.
  8. Las Vegas has started to show signs of improvements and its been moving upwards over the last 2 months, albeit from a very low base.
  9. yes but they may have spent 300k doing the place up.
  10. They took it over it and commercialized it in early 90s, may as well kill the fvcker so we can go back to BBSs At least it will be harder for them to spy on us.
  11. What was he going to say, he got his rent. I do that with everyone and leave just enough to pay for cleaning the carpets. That way they can't keep my deposit for BS claims.
  12. So in the 6 years you lived there you never cleaned the extractor or the bath ?
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