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  1. This ones gone to closing date already...
  2. When both a mother and father work in the city it becomes even more difficult - childcare becomes a nightmare because you have the long journey too and from work and somebody needs to be available. We've looked into this quite a bit as we've been trying to buy in the south side for about 4 years and had almost given up hope. We had figured out that if we moved out to the sticks my wife would need to give up her job as it would not have been feasible for us to manage the commutes and the school run. It was that or they had to go private... It seems like a nice idea to move out of the city but sometimes the practicalities don't work out.
  3. Agree that this is not a great house but the ones you link to are miles from anywhere - some of us want to be able to commute in less than an hour each way...
  4. okosanto

    Edinbugh Latest

    We were out viewing today but in Morningside / Grange area looking at family houses - saw 4 different places. Bumped into only one other set of viewers and otherwise it was very quiet. Half thought we might bump into fflump...
  5. Viewed 34 Wilton Road over in Newington - would have been fab but sold within a week (OO £650k) - needed a shed load of money spent on it too. Viewed 68 Cluny Gardens - was totally mobbed and went under offer within a week (OO £450k) - too small and right on the main road. And last night went and viewed 3 Polwarth Grove - always liked Polwarth Grove but it's one of the two story places and it's overpriced IMO and too small. So had a few viewings but nothing doing. My wife is going spare renting so I'm coming under a bit of pressure...
  6. So fflump have you been out viewing anything recently? Been a few new family houses in the south side over the last couple of weeks...
  7. There are more than 100 primary schools and 26 secondary schools under ECC (non dom plus RC schools). The smallest Primary School's heads will be on slightly less than £50k but the majority will be over it - a head at a large primary like Sciennes or Bruntsfield will be on about £80k. All of the secondary school heads and probably most of their deputes will be over £50k. So it doesn't look like that many of the actual "council" staff are earning over £50k.
  8. okosanto

    Edinbugh Latest

    This is the second time they have put it on the market at "offers around £600k" - I have an email from ESPC from 25/10/2009. It's the same schedule.
  9. The seller pays a lesser fee for just the valuation part of the HR.
  10. Solicitor friends of mine tell me that they end up getting several home reports done until the valuation is considered high enough by the vendors. It's a joke system.
  11. I believe this is fairly common now. Another trick is to get JE Shepard's to do the report - if you look at higher end properties ($400k +) marketed by the likes of Simpson and Marwick their HR's are almost all done by them. My solicitor says that Shepard's are notorious for over valuing properties.
  12. okosanto

    Edinbugh Latest

    I see this has sold already (or atleast it's no longer on ESPC).
  13. okosanto

    Edinbugh Latest

    Place we had to queue at was this one: http://www.espc.com/buying/293185.html Vendor said it had been busy all week. There were about 8 different family's viewing at the same time. I liked it the wife didn't therefore consigned to the bin. Not in a great catchment area eiher.
  14. okosanto

    Edinbugh Latest

    Anecdotal evidence - was out viewing this weekend and there were swarms of people viewing - at one house we had to queue!
  15. okosanto

    Edinbugh Latest

    Quite a lot of kids leave Bruntsfield in Primary 6 to go to private schools (I have insider info...).
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