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  1. That's funny, you still don't understand the graph! (I didn't assume you were some sort of ramping trolling bull and responded accordingly. I assumed you were a halfwit idiot and responded accordingly.) P.S Did you mean knob?
  2. xcojo, please tell me you don't have a job, or any responsibility for anything.
  3. Funny, yeah, but at the same time really alarming. I honestly didn't think people were that stupid. I mean, even when it's explained to them in the simplest most patronising way they're still in denial. Guess it explains why we're in the predicament we're in.
  4. Seriously mate, that genuinely is the dumbest thing I've ever seen posted on the entire internet. I've got an offer you can't refuse, I've got 10 £1 coins in my pocket. How about you swap them for only 5 of your £50 notes. The coins weigh loads more than your notes..........how can you refuse?
  5. That's probably the most relevant statement I've read on this site in 3 years.
  6. Another simpler analogy to help you with this delusion: You have 100 gallons of water in a bucket It's leaking at a rate of 2.4 gallons per minute. The govt sticks its fat finger in the leak. It's now only leaking at 0.8 gallons per minute. The govt shows you the graph you described above, plotting the data of water loss. Is your bucket now filling up?
  7. NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!! Please, please please go away and think about what those figures represent. Let's try a car analogy: Let's say you're doing 100mph and nail the brakes as hard as you can for one second, you slow down fast. Let's call this rate of slowing down "-2.4" and you find yourself doing 50mph. If you then brake a bit more gently for a further second, at a rate of "-0.8", has your speed increased or decreased? Now, plot these rates of slowing down or "decreased speed" on a graph and tell me what that tells you. Are you going faster that 50mph again?
  8. FWIW I still believe that's where it's heading, but like the house price indices, they've been kept bouyed up by govt. intervention, media b*llshit etc. I'm no financial genius, but I do take time to learn and understand things like the make up of the FTSE100 and what that index actually represents. I did my own research on this to understand whether a FTSE100 tracker would be a good hedge against inflation. I came to the conclusion that the index has been so fluid in its makeup that it's nearly worthless as bechmark over the long term. See Bloo Loo's post on this thread earlier regarding the
  9. God, give me strength! It can also be viewed as a rise if you look at the graph upside down. FFS
  10. I've had a long think about how you could make a statement like this and can only assume that you misunderstand the figures as follows: You think that the GDP figure of -2.4 means that the size of the economy is 2.4% less than it was at a fixed moment in time, let's say start of 2009. You subsequently think that the latest GDP figure of -0.8 means the size of the economy is now only 0.8% less than it was at the start of 2009. So, this leads you to believe that GDP fell 2.4% then increased by 1.65%
  11. I'll tell you what's round the next corner.............another even thicker blue line!
  12. Chris Bryant: "In my constituency, in the summer, when the nights are sunny" (not a verbatim quote, but close enough) FFS, how long has Wales been anywhere near the North or South poles
  13. 4 bed detached, South Lincolnshire, non-estate position, not modern build executive rabbit hutch. £100k
  14. House price corrections are like glaciers, they move slowly but surely, and the only thing that'll change that is a cataclysmic event: for glaciers - climate armageddon from a meteor strike, and for house prices - total economic meltdown. No-one wants either of those. Whilst on this (admittedly bizarre analogy) sometimes a glacier will retreat a bit, but the trend remains the same.....down.
  15. Are you taking bets? A tenner says you're wrong, and that by Xmas the Nationwide index will be at least another 5% down from today's figures, and at least 10% down YoY from this month.
  16. Fully understand what's going through your head. However, if you're putting away £3k a month and already have £70k saved (good work by the way!) then in 2 years you'll have over £130k saved up. In 2 years time property prices will have really crashed and you (and the Missus) will have your pick of detached lovelies in your area for sub £200k. This leaves you with needing a mortgage of £70k and buckets of dead safe equity. Alternatively you could buy now and in 2 years time have no equity, but a much larger mortgage. If (sorry, when) mortgage rates go up that'll bring prices down even further
  17. If it's your dream house and you can afford it, then buy it. But by the sounds of it (substation, busy road) you're making a compromise on what you want. If you currently own a house it makes little difference anyway, but my advice in that case would be sell it and rent for 2 years. If you're renting at the moment then don't buy this year, and possibly not next year either. Patience is a virtue, and in this HPC patience will save you tens of thousands of pounds. (Although I understand you might be getting frustrated, as I am. I've been waiting for this crash to come along and bottom out sinc
  18. Well, you could use the A1, as it runs right through Rutland. Or pop down to Peterborough which is 15 minutes away and catch the train into King's Cross which takes about 40 minutes.
  19. I've never really taken much notice of the gross lending figures, but have just looked at the spreadsheet they publish on their prese release today. My interpretation is that lending over the past 12 months has been dwindling steadily, and is now bouncing along the bottom. Have I read that right?
  20. Not quite the privatisation I meant!
  21. Our lives. I'm fed up with this Orwellian control of society.
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