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  1. I'm not suggesting anyone should be bailed out by the taxpayer! But the banks were, not that I agree with it. But by defaulting on his loan from the banks the OP has not "got one over the banksters"........ he's joined them.
  2. Ummmm, I think in this case they've both been bailed out by the taxpayer.
  3. Mmmm, interesting philosophy you have. Enjoy Lyon and try to remember that when you want to come back to the UK in future years the banks might well say "****** 'im" when you want to borrow some money and the benefits office might say "****** 'im" when you want a bail out of your own.
  4. Why didn't you get some of the advance from your parents to pay off your debt? (Ah, I just realised, it was a scam by your parents to get you out of the country so they could enjoy the rest of their lives knowing that you would never be able to come back to the UK and have a meaningful life here! If they'd paid off your dept for you you'd have still been hanging around waiting for them to drop dead so you could have their hard earned money wthout having to work for it; and you'd have still had a good credit rating with which you could have got more debt, possibly registered at their address.
  5. Tell me, if your income is £16k pa gross, which is probably about average in Boston, would you be able to afford to buy a £110k house if you were a FTB now? I only ask because I think this is the end of the market which is the most stagnant at the moment in your area and I'm curious to know who you think will be buying your current house? In answer to your original question: All the 4 bed detached houses (new build estate types) on the market now for circa £180k will be down to £150k by Xmas 2011 (That's less than a 20% drop). My advice would be to get some chump to buy your 3 bed semi for £1
  6. Just because they advertise the rate doesn't mean they'll give you the mortgage. It's very easy to turn down every single application when you can hide behind the "computer says no" excuse.
  7. Surely if it's their "pension" they simply hold on to the asset and rent it out for income which would be taxed like everyone else's income. Given that pensioners have a tax free allowance of nearly £10k pa already they'd have to be "earning" over £40k pa (above average) before paying higher rates of tax. Or did I miss something?
  8. Correct me if I'm wrong but my understanding is this: Independent investors put their money into this bank because it paid an above average rate of interest. This premium rate of interest reflected the risk attached to the investment. The investment went sour and the UK govt, for political reasons, offered to make good for UK investors, backed by UK taxpayers. So, having assesses the risk in the market I invested my cash in a "safe" place with a lower return reflecting the lower risk, but now I have to use that money to subsidise those who took a risk because they were greedy. Finally, Icel
  9. That's such a bad argument. If anything, both partners in a couple are having to work because prices got so massively inflated.
  10. Bizarrely they're both right. The lady in her 80s can only see that she bought her house 50 years ago and it's increased in "value" 100 fold since. The man in his 50s is right......but he doesn't know that "normal" prices are a long way down from here.
  11. Precisely. And you know why they're built timber frame? Because it's the cheapest option. They're more rabbit hutch than people realise.
  12. So Joeschmo, let me guess about you, you're slim, good looking, all your own hair, perfect teeth, "work" in an office, 2 weeks in the Seychelles twice a year.............. And yet you have loads of time to swan around an internet forum talking sh*t............... I guess you either live at home with your mum, or you're the young biatch for the man you described above. (fag)
  13. I live in Hertfordshire, rent a 3 bed detached bungalow with good size garden, drive etc., nothing too spectacular, 8 minute walk to the station, 35 mins out of King's Cross, pay maintenance for 1 child, and get by on less than £40k. I consider myself to be earning more than most, and manage to save money. If I was earning the sort of six figure salary so freely mentioned in this thread I'd be stashing it away and retiring very early. I don't know what people are spending their money on. I watched economy gastronomy last night, and the family they featured in the programme were spending £3
  14. Google is not a source. It's a tool for finding sources. Please explain to me why this is a different question?
  15. Strangely it's about the house price crash in the UK. The rules are simple, muppets post stupid questions for the enlightened to laugh at.
  16. Why not just type "benefits of affordable housing" into Google? Then actually read the results. Then do a search on "benefits of unaffordable housing".
  17. I love your posts, they're so funny! The greed is with the seller, not the buyer. You seem to get everything back to front. For goodness sake don't go and look at the "aneros" thread, you might go and buy one and put it in your mouth. (Actually, thinking about it............go and buy an aneros) P.S Aren't you supposed to be signing on today?
  18. Why don't you tell the world's top economists about the theory you put forward on the "FTSE100 to 3,000" thread?
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