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  1. Funny! I guess train driving is a middle class profession now as well. My broad definitions: Working class: factory workers, untrained, unskilled, bin men postmen, manual workers. (Actually the majority in this country). Middle class: Senior Managers, professions such as legal, medical Upper class: Landowners, aristocracy. The Fulfords!
  2. Exactly! And since when were postmen middle class?
  3. Christ, if they're middle class I'm bleeding royalty!
  4. Check the contract that you obviously read before you signed.
  5. So what you're saying is you can afford to buy a house and want to do so, and you want ideas about how to not lose money on it, even though you know you will over the next few years, through some sort of gambling? Isn't this the same thinking that landed us with CDOs, MBSs and all the other financial alchemy that has served us so well? I'm with Bruce. Sell the house (or rather not buy it in the first place). Alternatively invest in a magic set.
  6. The NHS needs a good kick up the ****. I see outrageous waste on a regular basis and no-one is ever held responsible. It's a plaything for medical professionals in the UK who rule the roost and no-one ever challenges them. It's no more efficient than your local council or any other part of the public sector. I've seen plenty of private hospitals which are cleaner, more modern and more efficient. You get treated like a customer, with respect, and much faster than in NHS hospitals. And you get seen by the same consultant as you would under the NHS so the argument of substandard care is ********.
  7. Don't think the cost of a IO mortgage is affected by the length of the term is it?
  8. The results are based on comparing renting with the cost of an interest only mortgage at 5%. Soooooooo.....they're both renting. The question is do you rent it off the bank or off someone else who in turn is probably renting it from the bank?
  9. Uncomfortable with that....you and me both mate! That smells distinctly fishy.
  10. What struck me was the honesty displayed by the people they interviewed. There seemed to be no delusion unlike here in England. They seem to have accepted it was all ridiculous and that they made some crazy decisions, at least at the personal level.
  11. I agree to an extent but the problem with the old local DIY shop became its location. In the old days you could pull up outside and pop in without breaking parking laws or health and safety rules. You'd also pop to the butcher and the greengrocer at the same time. Now it's easier to park for free out of town. The smart town retailers should have got together and moved the entire High Street out of town and recreated it somewhere that was appealling to the modern customer's lifestyle. If your old local DIY shop was located next door to your nearest B&Q/Homesbase etc and was just as easy
  12. Brilliant. I love it when someone posts a contrary view based on knowledge!
  13. It took some finding believe me. I have no more sympathy than you, just thought I'd give an argued view.
  14. I've just re-read the person's post: She used to have a mortgage at 0.18% above base rate, on which presumably she wouldn't have paid benefit in kind taxes, but was persuaded by the banking advisers at the bank she works for that she should change to the staff mortgage at base rate, on which she'd be taxed as a benefit in kind. Does she not have a case against her employer for mis-selling if they didn't point this out to her at the time?!
  15. These are the "official rates" from HMRC. http://www.hmrc.gov.uk/rates/interest-beneficial.htm Just because her mortgage at 0.18% above base rate is technically "subsidised" why should she have to pay the difference when someone who has managed to secure a tracker mortgage at the same rate on the open market doesn't? It's absurd, and if it was me I'd challenge it to the very top.
  16. Fine, but then they should tax all those people on tracker mortgages for the same reason! If HMRC can claim real base rates are 4.75% then the BoE is offically subsidising tracker mortgages all over the country. Why don't HMRC go after them as well?
  17. Or to put it another way these six local authorities used a legal loophole to get him to "re-consider". They might as well have taken it to court because he didn't announce it on the right colour of paper. People complain that celebs get away with things in court because of procedural loopholes like this because they can afford the legal fees, then councils do the same thing with our money.
  18. Well, if her employer had given a higher salary instead of a subsidised mortgage she would have paid tax on that. What's the difference, other than she presumably hasn't been saving any of the benefit?
  19. Yet another waste of time law. If it's that important it should have been included in the new Building Regs that came out 3 months ago. How many rented properties in the UK? Millions. If every one had to have additional electrical wiring done, how many of those would be done badly on the cheap? What's one of the more common reasons for property fires? Yup, badly done wiring.
  20. As opposed to public sector companies?! The money went on consultants, but I doubt that'll show up in any summary of govt spending on "consultants" as it will have been hidden under the BSF banner. The bidders and winning bidders wanted to get the schemes built, that was ultimately why they were bidding, so it was massively frustrating for them to see such a long drawn out process where decisions didn't get made. It wasn't the private companies wasting your money, it was the public sector.
  21. Design, cost, capability....the usual system that the public sector use. It was so expensive to be part of the process that there were only a few very large companies or consortia that could afford to take the gamble of spending sometimes millions of pounds just to bid for one local authority scheme, and even then they had to be selective about which ones they bid for. Every authority had their own specialists and designers, on top of that they had advisors selected from a govt appointed framework of "technical advisors". Then each bidder had their own team of designers and specialist consult
  22. Let's get this in perspective: This was reported by the BBC, who like to spin hings to make the current govt look like the bad guys. The reality is that the court has upheld the protests from these 6 local authorities that Gove didn't follow due process and caryy out a fuller consultation. The court is NOT directing the govt on where to spend money etc. I'm more annoyed that these local authorities have decided to spend large amounts of taxpayers money on a legal challenge. Gove will now do the "consulation" and come up with the same decision. What would have been better is for those local aut
  23. Best we close all schools then and eliminate the risk, and ban cars whilst we're at it. Don't go outside. Don't go to the park or the seaside in case something happens.
  24. My understanding was that this was only a "judicial review" and the order from the courts to the Govt is that they have to consider each scheme on its individual merits before scrapping them. It doesn't mean they have to go ahead. And for the record, the £55bn quoted is for the entire BSF project covering 3,500 schools, not the budget for these 6 or so schemes.
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