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  1. Translated as: I'saggerated den e c'n pt rets oop na c'nt ee 'n' stp cootin'g t't sevas 'n' propin' oop t' ponzi (outwith)
  2. And is also used in Northern England, particularly Yorkshire. It's near enough to Scotland to make no difference, I still need subtitles.
  3. If you like it and you're happy to spend that amount of money (or saddlle yourself with that amount of debt) then buy it. If you've got faith in a HPC then don't. Can you tell me if I should buy shares in BP? Or should I buy a lottery ticket instead? Are there any pixies in the bottom of the garden of the house you're thinking of buying? If there are then I suggest you buy it.
  4. Well, there's a website called Rightmove you might want to try looking at. Alternatively there are some things that look like shops called Estate Agents, generally found on the High Street. If that's still a bit tricky you could call a chap called Phil Spencer, apparently he helps people who can't help themselves find houses; although he charges money for it. Or, for £5,000 I'll do it for you and cook your dinner and wipe your **** after you've had a shit.
  5. I'm in the same situation and I agree it's frustrating to say the least. However, I've tried to improve the situation by only renting from professional landlords. I know it's a faff having to sort the wheat from the chaff but my last rented was three and a half years, landlord was a bit ******** on the contract stuff but he'd been in the game for decades, would turn up in 5 minutes with his plumber when the boiler broke down and changed it faster than I could have got it done myself. He knew I was a good tenant so was helpful if I wanted to do things like re-lay the patio. I only moved for family reasons, but then ONLY once I'd found another good landlord. This place I'm currently in is falling apart a bit and the LL doesn't want to spend any money on it, fair enough, that's reflected in the rent and I like doing a bit of DIY! And after all, it doesn't really cost that much to sort out the garden, carpets and apply a lick of paint. But the best thing is that he has no intention of selling it, ever, so I can stay here as long as I like. I feel very at home, but only because I chose carefully. If houseprices don't want to come down then so be it. I'd rather live in this 3 bed 1940s detached house with practically no neighbours for the next 30 years if the alternative, for the same cost, is to live in a sh*tty little new build surrounded by the working class who I can hear watching X Factor next door.
  6. It's "per se" not "per say". From the Latin meaning from, through or of itself. Sorry, can't help myself.
  7. My apologies, I'd taken your comment as read, without seeing the sarcasm.
  8. I think you're absolutely right. It's going to take a bit of time for the general public to get used to what real leadership and action really means, looks like and sounds like, what "getting on with the job" is, what it really means to "do the right thing" and "make tough decisions". But when they do they'll cringe every time a Labour gobshite opens his mouth. The "hard working families" will eventually realise what a pup they were sold by Labour and like Mondeo Man of old will warm to the Conservatives.
  9. My understanding is that decision is entirely independent of the govt.
  10. ********. Lower Employer NI would just increase profits for existing employers, they'd take it in order to keep up their margins. Lowering corporation tax would encourage business to this country and help prevent existing ones leaving. You listen to too much of that spin and crap that comes out of Balls's mouth, or is it his ****, I can never tell as they both spew shit and sound the same. You must remind me sometime who put NI up?
  11. I like to think that the Balls and Milliband show which is constantly on telly is boring the pants off the majority of middle England. Meanwhile David and George have decided to do what Brown only talked about, getting on with the job. They don't waste buckets of media time every single day "getting their message across". I think over time the current govt. will start to be seen as a committed serious govt., in contrast to the old spin and media wash that we became accustomed to under Labour.
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