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  1. Is it possible to insure against a future Stamp Duty Holiday? eg - you pay an insurer a sum and receive your stamp duty costs back if there is a stamp duty holiday or the tax gets removed within a specified period
  2. The above mentioned latrine went on to be reduced to offers over £349.950 and is now under offer. Be interesting to see if it completes and if so at what price level Houses in these two areas look to be going fairly quickly still
  3. to confirm I meant the area doesn't look that overpriced against what I would consider lesser neighboring areas (Morden, Mitcham). Not this particular place which is smaller than a lot of 2 bed flats
  4. True the High Street is a busy one. Because the road narrows near the ponds everything has to slow down. There are ways you can drive around the High Street if you need to avoid it however. Commuting is pretty good into London in this area with 2 stations along with the bottom end of the Northern Line plus all night trains to East Croydon both around 3 miles away. Annoyingly it doesn't look that overpriced against what I would consider lesser neighboring areas (Morden, Mitcham) - but like pretty much anywhere bordering London it is still expensive.
  5. ...nowhere to park or internally put any of your stuff, there is no storage. For £400k in this area I would expect at least a 4 bed semi with decent size garden in one of the nicer roads.
  6. this very unusual building, right next to the ponds was sold (as a repo I think) in June this year for £209k. quick renovation to include kitchen, carpets, tarting up on the outside - would estimate £30-40k spent and voila - £399k asking price http://www.zoopla.co.uk/for-sale/details/26750763?search_identifier=e883c6cf261dff0c156320064e0a40ec looks like the park-keepers house and is a very unique one but £399k for what looks like under 1000sq ft is unbelievable for a place on a busy high street
  7. Asheron - a quick Google shows 2,3 and 5 year bonds available with big building societies at rates of 3-4% - fixed rate savings the same. If CB' mortgage is 1.5% then this type of thing could work depends what CB a) wants to achieve and is prepared to risk. chucking any spare cash into a high risk fund/PM/commodities might pay off but equally could end up further behind than if just overpaying a bit each month,
  8. Depends on a number of factors. What interest rate is your mortgage at? if it is a very low tracker then you should be able to find some kind of pretty safe bond/savings account that pays more in interest than your mortgage is costing. Would imagine that for any mortgage around the 4/5/6 % mark it would become a bit tricky to invest safely without risking capital and in this case maybe an offset mortgage might work
  9. simple - get a friend to phone agent 2 and ask for a viewing - or phone them yourself and see what happens
  10. to add £395k for a flat which is on a busy main road, and by a rough calculation looks as though there is under a thousand square foot of space. Maybe someone will buy it because the kitchen is a huge 4ft 12in wide?! No flat in SM5 will ever have sold for this much - would guess you would have to go as far as SW19 to find a flat sale at a higher level than this? By way of comparison you could get this for a fair bit less... http://www.findaproperty.com/for-sale/property-10970778
  11. couldn't believe this one... http://www.findaproperty.com/for-sale/property-10851523
  12. couldn't believe this one... http://www.findaproperty.com/for-sale/property-10851523
  13. difficult to say whether charges are high. It looks like a fairly new building so apart from gardening, replacing light bulbs, painting the communal areas every couple of years and maybe clearing guttering every so often it's difficult to see where the £20k a year ish (assuming 10-12 flats in the block?) would go. could be because the building needs a lot of extra upkeep which maybe indicates costs could go up in time or maybe there is an external managing agent who is creaming off some of the leaseholders contributions you would probably want to look at detailed accounts for at least the l
  14. The service charges would put me off. £2k per year including ground rent, although not the highest is still a lot of money if you lived there for 10 years you would spend £20k which would lose you around £4k in interest over the period, or be £20k you could have paid off your mortgage saving several years in payments
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