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  1. No it is a townhouse. It's an odd setup it has 2 3 bed townhouses at either side with one of the 3 bed garages below the 2 bed townhouse aswell as its own garage. Hope that makes sense!
  2. I was thinking about buying a couple of months ago but have decided not to. I have now turned my attention to renting. I aim to move come sept so I have started looking already. I have seen a property I like in moira (2 bed townhouse) at £550 per month including rates. This property has been on offer for over a month now. I was looking some advice on what is a realistic price to offer per month?
  3. Cheers, Yes I'm a first time buyer
  4. The house is based in Portadown, BT63. I was thinking of may maybe offering £104000 that would be 20% off the asking price. The house is about 1000 square feet. Miss understanding earlier, the house was never £250000. It was £155000 last October and now they are £130000. I think I’m going to be buying it in my own name and it works out about 4-5 times my salary so it’s a bit of a risk. That’s providing I paid full price for it. I had a look at the rateable value of a few houses a while ago and house prices are still a lot dearer than the rateable value.
  5. I am considering making an offer for a new turn key property. The builder/estate agent is asking for £130000 for this 3 bed semi. Apparently they only sold 5 houses last year and 16 this year so far. They have come down £25000 from last year. I was looking some advise on what to offer? I'm very reluctant to offer the full price or anywhere near it as I think house prices are still coming down. Also the development is only about 35-40% complete. So I would be living on a building site for the foreseeable future. I would be grateful for some input on this matter Thanks
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