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  1. Micro generation. No new houses built without solar/wind/ground source heat pumps designed in. Grants available for all, not just benefit claimants, to update current housing stock. Was in a new build a couple of weeks back when we had average Scottish weather for the season and it was roasting! Plenty insulation in the place itself and built in solar panels (with an amazingly complicated electronic control system that the young couple hadn't been given any training to use!) was enough to see windows opened around the house and electricity being fed back into the grid. Doesn't address industrial power requirements I know, but it will pretty much guarantee domestic supplies.
  2. I would have serious concerns over 'assisted suicide" (a get out clause for insurance companies in that description I fear) for those with mental illness. Almost all of those conditions can be treated. For example, out of the blue a friend of mine ended up being sectioned. It was over six months before a charge nurse had a sit down chat with her about the onset of her condition. Turns out her condition was a hormonal imbalance and, once diagnosed, completely treatable. Six months of psychiatric treatment, six months of suicidal thoughts, and not one doctor had linked her issues with the onset of the menopause. She assures me that, over those 6 months, she would have turned out the lights many, many times if given the chance....
  3. Shot in the back by a jealous husband 🤣
  4. I'm a boomer (just), if you think I'm going to gibber my way out of this life sitting in my own effluence your tripping. I'll be stockpiling the morphine for that last big hit!
  5. Every time I read the "this is it" threads on HPC I took it with a pinch of salt. Everybody in the real world just bit the bullet, trusted that labour/tories will support HPI ad nauseum and got on with it. It's different this time I feel. Another 1.25% on wages bills might not seem much, but it may be enough to tip some businesses over after the last couple of years. Old school tories are horrified by this NI hike, even that dangerous cliché JRM has spat the dummy.... Of course, if your over retirement age you don't pay NI, so there's the sop to the tory core vote. I don't know enough about pension investment, but if the extra tax in investment returns trickles through to pension funds, then they MIGHT take a hit on their pension pots.
  6. The barely concealed desperation of the tory front bench this morning leads me to think that, for the first time since 2007-8, I can see a real price crash coming. We're skint! Not your namby-pamby 'in real terms' price dip, but your actual price drop across the board. Will the winter slow-down be the trigger?
  7. Man, your a real family man ain't ya? A right keeper! What a control freak.... Edit: Or a troll, which I strongly suspect...
  8. And then there is the problem of performance reality..... 1996 Red BMW 8 Series 4.4 840Ci V8 Ci Sport 2dr for sale for £13450 (autotrader.co.uk) 4-litre V8 sports car, something I drooled over in my 30's, and my 2-litre diesel 3-series will easily keep up with this... with £30 road tax! Whilst I understand that not everyone likes the flash-bang electronics that come with new cars, the simple truth is that without it, they couldn't be sold in most countries in the world.
  9. Becoming more expensive as people cotton on... 1995 Red Mercedes-Benz E Class 3.2 E320 2dr for sale for £8500 (autotrader.co.uk)
  10. How about a government that removes itself from the thrall of 'the City'?
  11. Mate, they've been in power in Holyrood since 2007 and just garnered 47.7% of the vote in May. You keep repeating the above to yourself, but at the end of the day you know it's BS. You take that reasoning and extrapolate it across the UK. If the SNP were to have candidates in every UK constituency, given "little effective opposition to the SNP", do you imagine they would take a majority in WM? Of course they wouldn't. Why? because it's clear that there is a political divide between Scotland and England/Wales.
  12. Errr, yeah... and getting more votes than the tories and labour combined, or did you forget to mention that? FPTP.... another reason to ditch Westminster!
  13. There is an issue with fossil fuels at the moment, especially now that the Greens are on board with the SNP again, suck 'em up and reap the short-term fiscal rewards or leave them in the ground and reap the green vote. The SNP are happy to sit on the fence and explain that it's a decision for WM, not Holyrood. As for the prediction in oil prices, weren't these based on expert opinions? Seems fair enough to me? However, we're moving on. Oil is, as you say, no longer the big cheese. Renewables is the way forward. Renewable energy in Scotland - Wikipedia Scotland has enormous potential when it comes to renewables, we've been going green since the 1930's! Now we're turning to more reliable forms of renewables, wave, tidal, geothermal and, our old friend, hydro, the future is looking very bright for Scottish energy. Leave the oil where it is! As for the weeds, you're going to have to get used to it pal! herbicides/pesticides have been driving the fall in pollinators. Soon there will be no acceptable herbicide/pesticide usage by government, with an outright ban probably in place by the end of the decade. If you want rid of the weeds get your hoe out mate! No, I don't mean get yer wife to do the weeding!!!
  14. It can be very difficult for those outside of Scotland to separate the SNP and Scottish independence. Don't get me wrong, despite there being many issues with the SNP government, I still believe they are better than any other option we have at the moment, but with an independent Scottish labour, or Scottish conservative party, only a fool would think the SNP are a shoe-in for the second election in an iScotland. They'll ROMP home in the first!
  15. Indeed, and we can see that in the results of Scottish elections with the SNP giving Scots a viable alternative to "the Toareys". How likely is that to happen in Westminster?
  16. You make a grand case for Scottish independence right there my man!
  17. 81% with my private pension, the other half's full time job and (the horror!) the income from our 2x rental flats. With zero debt, we consider ourselves to be fairly well off.
  18. On a cheerier note, my pension pot went up 16% this year, so not ALL bad 😉
  19. I suspect Chinese and Indian immigration into the UK dwarfs these African asylum seekers... Hey ho!
  20. "If you choose not to decide you still have made a choice". I said part of the voter block, not a voter. The fact that you didn't vote, rather than vote for a party that opposes UK military intervention, makes you doubly to blame! Cutting welfare and defunding the military will only lead to one thing. Internal strife and the collapse of order in the UK. Now.... you may think that's a good thing, playing out your extremist fantasies in your head, but (I can't believe I'm having to type this, it's like teaching kids) you keyboard warrior types will be the first victims in a collapsed society. You will be easy pickings for the ex-squaddies you are so eager to create. Be careful what you wish for 😉
  21. Right, so you want to cut welfare and defund the military.... You DO know how that will work out don't you? p.s. Attacking the various PM's doesn't remove the responsibility of their actions from your shoulders. Your part of the voter block that placed them in power, allowing them to commit their crimes in your name. One of the pitfalls of democracy I'm afraid.
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