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  1. Hi - apart from just keeping them out of sight, which would be the most sensible solution, there was a defining case in the US which came down on the side of the employees who'd been apid in gold coins. The courts took the face value - if you really want to go that route! Best wishes GoldenEagle
  2. Thanks for replies guys. nobody seems to be too concerned whether there gold in Fort Knox. But we do know theres not a lot in the Bank of England vaults thanks to a Mr Brown. Cheers Goldeneagle
  3. Have read a lot recently on gold price manipulation and Fort Knox gold reserves - which may be connected. Gold is being leased out at an alarming rate which can help suppress the price, but it is still counted as government reserves. There has been no audit of gold reserves since the 50's so nobody can be sure how much gold is really sitting there. Anybody out there who can comment? Have a great day Goldeneagle
  4. Hi Guys I've just joined this forum and I'm really delighted to find so many 'goldiphyles' in one place. I'm a gold enthusiast (and Silver too), not alot of know-how but wanting to learn. Best ways to invest, interesting gold stories and so on. noted the first posting on this topic was in March 2007 when gold was around $550-$650. Well just look at it now. And interestingly the first poster thought it wud go the way of the other commodities. Well he was right on the commodities but gold has carved its own furrow in the last 2 years. Fascinating. Beautiful day here. Hope its the same with u. Goldeneagle
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