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  1. My contract states the LL can't sell until the last two months of the contract, so I will be having a polite word about this. I have also contacted the agent who delt with the letting initially and explained what is happening, she has supported what some of you have said re not allowed to touch my things and needs to give me notice for viewings. She advised I contact LL to this effect and have a polite word. With regards to my deposit it, agent has it, not LL, so not much risk there. Surely the LL can't give me a bad reference as they are the one in breach of contract and causing all these problems in the first place! Would love to be able to buy but given market probably not a good idea and I'm really not in a position to do so!! Maybe I move back home!! I have already specified no viewings at weekend and evening so we shall see, prehaps a reduction in rent for the extra month that LL has put the property on the market in addition to what is allowed per the contract will be suggested....
  2. I'll have a word with them about tapmering with my things. Just makes me feel like a visitor in my own home! With regards to selling the property, it is being sold with vacant possesion, rarther than with tenenats. I'll check my tenenacy agreement about having to show people round. Its nice to be clear where I stand though, thanks!
  3. I need some help. I know there is a thread on here that is similar to this but my circumstances are slightly different and i'd like some advice. I moved into the property at the end of February on a 6 month lease. The landlord contacted me friday night and advised me that due to personal circumstances they would be selling the property. I agreed that an agent could come round to do a valuation and viewings etc and they have agreed to give me notice. The agent came round today and the property is now on the market. Can the LL have the property on the market whilst I am still living here and what are my rights if it does sell before the tenancy is up? To me it seems very unfair that my life is disrupted by all of this, should the LL not wait until my tenancy is up before the property is on the market? Another thing that has hot me annoyed is while the agent was round today for photo's they (or the LL) have moved quite a few of my personal possesions around and been in drawers, cuboards etc in my bedroom, bathroom and kitchen. The LL has also requested that i keep the property tidy. I am not messy and I don't see why I should now have to live in show home standards does the LL have the right to tidy up my belongings?! I am very upset by all of this! Sorry for the length!
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