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  1. To close this off we sold in the lowest point of the housing downturn for the value that Property Ladder valued it at the peak and yes we're off to Australia so we have acheved what we wanted to.
  2. We'll we've sold for a profit even in the lowest point of the downturn, am now debt free, money in the bank and visa applications into the Aus embassy
  3. Again another misrepresentation, we went with what an estate agent (not Foxtons) valued it at the time, 2 others also valued it at 1.2 million. We were made to look like we picked 1.3 million out of the thin air going against the advice of the estate agents shown on the programme. Is this greedy or doing what everyone else does when they put the property on the market.
  4. Greed - we were made out to look greedy, we had a 1.3 million valuation from Dexters and two other valuations from 2 other estate agents. This wasn't mentioned in the programme, it looked like we ignored the programmes valuations and just made up a figure. Admitedly we shouldn't of gone for the top valuation and the 1.1/1.2 was more realistic, but how many people go for the agent that gives the highest valuation ? I don't believe we changed the job half way through, the bricking up the room was sprung on us that morning and that idea was off the cuff caught on film. The basement dig was a fixed price so reducing the size of the basement would of cost us the same and increased the basement builders profit Yes we are amatuer we have made reasonable profit in the past but are not doing this professionaly Bel was in effect managing the project, I was working and took a few days off to do the filming so invariably Bel had more to say than me. The budget quoted was not real, we obtained massive discounts from suppliers sometimes 50% but we had to give list price to the programme team Other PL developers have also been edited to enhance the story of the programme and feel that they have come off looking worse than reality, but I now accept put your head over the parapet and be prepared to be shot at, though people need to realise that this programme is more faction than fiction Richard
  5. TRUTH Their structural engineer just suggested a couple of extra props, we were back in the house the next morning and the crack shown looked much wider than they actually were, this was filmed for drama. I've been in contact with another PL developer and they also feel that the programme is edited for story and drama rather than what actually occurred Richard
  6. This is the danger of listening to estate agents, Dexters bigged it up and said 1.3 million, Foxtons and another said 1.2mill so that's why the price was as it was. Unfortunately the was the programme portrayed it was that we were greedy bastards and ignored the estate agents quotes in the programme. I've been speaking with a couple of other "PL featured developers" and they feel that the programme edited to create a drama so more faction rather than fiction. For example the two couples that developed a property where one went on holiday mid development leaving the other couple in the lurch. This was a planned break booked before the place was bought and the course taken by the other was only a one day course. I also heard that the Brighton penhouse guy did apply for planning to build the lift but it was refused, if this was the case then he was also portrayed as ignoring Sarah's advice when in fact he had gone though the process. For us the programmes structural engineer only suggested a couple of extra acro props for our "death trap", we were back in the house the next morning and also the shots of the trains were not taken from our house but either from the road or ontop of some nearby flats. Richard
  7. It was to get discounts, which we acheived up to 50% in some cases The show didn't really give that much expertise, they suggested the painting of the house which was a good idea and moving the front door downstairs, though right next to 8m of folding doors so not sure of the benefit there We did go for profile, but on hindsight wasn't the best idea we ever had. Though it demonstrated the house could be filmed and probably went some way to get the house more film work which has brought in some extra cash Not really interested on being on TV
  8. Probably one of the off hand quotes that gets taken out of context, my worst one was the polyfiller quote. I said it off hand jokingly then it appeared to be serious about "papering over the cracks" on the show. It's a lesson learned, watch what you say on camera as everything can be used in a way not intended at the time The show was filmed in all sorts of order, we filmed the opening sequence near the end of the project, a number of times we had to pretend we were back in time to film some fill in shots, pretend to make phone calls etc. More like a drama than reality
  9. Well some of what she said was pre-scripted. The crew told her what to say on camera so it's not 100% Sarah that comes across on TV. There appears to be a theme/story to each programme that editing/scripting for Sarah and the developers must support and unfortunately the TV crew had 80 hours of film to pick and choose from and we saw the programme at the same time as everyone else
  10. No we're still living in the house especially now the interest rates are now so low that we can afford to stay there. Despite the programmes appearance, we actually like the area, we can walk down to the river pubs in the evening, there's a local gasto pub that does great food locally, Chiswick High Road is not far on foot and we can get to two railway and three tube stations on foot and if we want to get out of town we can get on the M4 easily We did look at a property in Hampton on the river but this was sold before we had a buyer. We're still in +ve equity according to estate agents market valuations so are still looking at going back on the market soon, obviously with a more realistic price
  11. Unfortunately we got so far down the line and at one point with the basement half dug out and the inside of the existing property a wreck and the whole lot effectively worthless means that the development takes on a life of its own and has to be finished to be able to get any sort of return back so you have to find the money from somewhere to finance to completion
  12. Yes I would of agreed with you about Foxtons but it was actually Dexters !
  13. Hi Richard here, Just thought I'd throw in some comments Yes the programme didn't do us any favours by any stretch of the imagination, they kept on showing the train, by the way they couldn't film that from the house, they either had to go on top of one of the flats or out into the road, the private decked area actually blocks out all the supposed noise that is about. Chiswick Village is not a council estate as was implied. It is a 30's private development with young professionals through to retired people, a quiet and nice place to live a lot of people get together for BBQs on the green, also walking distance to the river pubs, nice restaurant and "Strand on the Green" area with Kew just over the bridge. Also a mile to the heart of Chiswick High street is hardly a trek. The programme did it's best to down the area and succeeded by the comments. There are a lot of converted houses, however a few of these are now being converted back into family houses, one closer to the road sold for close to what we were originally looking for. Also the house was only about 1/3 finished at the point of the final filming so really only the upstairs bedroom and the main room could be filmed. They filmed about 80 hours to produce a 45 min programme so pretty much any story could of been told We were able to negotiate sizeable discounts at times 50%, and the digging out and waterproofing of the basement was a fixed price of around £120k unfortunately the programme only stated the list price of everything thereby enhancing their story. We didn't get much money directly from the TV people, so if anyone has ideas of getting a sizeable contribution to your development then think again unless you are able to negotiate with suppliers. We did a whole lot better on the Nintendo Wii advert !! Their structural engineers solution was to put in a couple of extra acro props so hardly the "death trap" that it was made out to be. 1.3 million was given to us by the highest valuation from an estate agent not a figure picked out of the blue from us, we had two others of 1.2 million, next time it goes on the market we will be a little less guided by the agents fighting for business. We should of originally gone for £1.2, even the highest valuation on the programme was £1.1m The arguement over two flats was flawed, we have a private decked area where no one can overlook you and skylights looking into the bedrooms and bathroom, who would want an upstairs neighbour peering in and a complete loss of privacy Also the plan in the garden piece, they called us to meet for filming and the plan was already in the garden layed out by them and we had to respond to questions off the cuff so seeing it on film as somethig that we had though through was incorrect, hiding the bedroom behind a wallwas a crap idea though not digging out would not of saved us any money as the digging out was a fixed price. No we haven't been repossessed !! still here enjoying the house. Richard & Bel
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