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  1. My comment still not showing. Obviously not Daily Mail little englander material...
  2. 36 comments on the Mail website so far against this practice. Just tried posting one in favour, only to find posts may be edited or excluded. Will see if it comes up & how much of a stir it creates...
  3. If you do have problems getting a mortgage from HSBC, you could try Nationwide. They are keen to ramp up their market share back to 9% after reducing it last year.
  4. Reminds me of Schumpeter and the gales of creative detruction. The Daily Reckoning mob and Dr Kurt Richebacher have been banging on about the jobless recovery for some while now.
  5. There is a saying in business "Turnover is vanity, profit is sanity, but cash is king". Increased turnover without matching profit is a waste of effort and 'vanity' - no good to anyone. Businesses DO need to make profits, but paper profits can be swallowed up in rising stock levels, credit to customers etc. When the $h1t hits the fan it's cash that pays the bills and prevents the firm going bust. Kiyosaki of Rich Dad fame defines an asset as anything that generates cash and a liability anything that consumes it. Under this definition cars and houses are generally liabilities.
  6. NW rates have risen 0.25% for 10 year fix in just over a month (was 4.79% on 3rd April: now 5.04%) with NO CHANGE in Bank of England base rate. Interesting these rate rises are not yet on NW's press page: http://www.nationwide.co.uk/mediacentre/
  7. Precisely the opposite. Price and yield are inversely related. i.e. When the price falls, the yield rises. And money market yields are used in setting mortgage rates. You may find this site shows the situation more clearly: http://www.bloomberg.com/markets/rates/uk.html
  8. Bloomberg showed the UK 10 year yield as a shade over 4.4% on 3rd April. They are now 4.7%. i.e. They have gone up over 1/4% in a month even though the Bank of England base rate has not changed. Say what you like, mortgage rates have risen and I expect them to rise further... Bloomberg also shows the 30 year US mortgage rate has risen by nearly 0.9% in the past year and the 1 year ARM rate by nearly 1.5%. How many $trillion in ARMs are due for adjustment in the next two years? I suspect an awful lot of borderline borrowers are going to be hit badly. (Freddie Mac of course has no vested inter
  9. The price of electrical cable seems to go up about every month. Unfortunately when the ONS were surveying us for inflation data, we agreed on a small repair job involving a double socket rather than any cable. B****r! B****r! B****r! I was so looking forward to feeding them higher prices every time they rang!
  10. I seem to recall the 0.25% interest rate cut in August inflating a market that was stagnating nicely. A change in direction can affect expectations...
  11. In Ashford, Kent I'm finding nice houses at good prices in nice areas are selling very fast - 24 hours to 2 weeks. Other houses are seeing price reductions or change of agent as the seller won't take a price cut. Folkestone looks similar. Lot of 'For sale' boards up on the way into Canterbury and have been for weeks, with only one 'Sold': another Sold board has since been taken down. The latter property had boards from 4 agents up outside. A house over the road in Ashford has had Sold up for literally months. Quality does seem to be replacing quantity...
  12. One local (expensive) garage is already showing diesel well over £1 litre. Even the cheaper one I have used recently is now 95.9p
  13. Two month lag if you're not a suscriber (used to be one month but upped fairly recently), though I can't see it in the Property section at all yet: http://www.moneyweek.com/file/98/property.html I believe these articles, as opposed to the Expert Comments, are normally updated on Thursdays.
  14. 11 O levels, 4 A levels, 1 Diploma, 1 Degree By the way, it's "like-minded"
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