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  1. Jeez, if people earning £40k a year have to be supported by the state, something isn't quite right. I thought benefits were meant for the destitute, not to help people to "keep up with the Jones's".
  2. Whoa, I just watched the Ron Paul CNN interviews and it's simply amazing how they have been spun! Edited Bias vid ... http://youtu.be/Jf-w5-3E0b8 Full vid (you might as well skip to 3 mins before the end as thats the bit CNN pick up) As the video states, it was fairly appartant the interview was over and he was leaving, they they mash it all together to make it look like he's leaving! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PZtVm8wtyFI
  3. Why does he have to sit on the arm of the sofa?
  4. I went down the pub on christmas eve, at first it was rather busy but eptied earlier than usual, most people were gone by 2300 (stays open until 0100) and a number of locals gave it a miss but I guess we're begining to get on a bit now!
  5. Has anyone else noticed how the widows on the house don't match the windows on the floor plan? But 'that dream home I drew as a child' had a front garden and a driveway
  6. Good answer, but surely the problem at the moment is that the euro is not percieved as being safe?
  7. And this morning the spread has turned negative, I've never seen this before! UK - 2.20% German - 2.24% It's official then, the UK is saved.
  8. I was just flicking through Bloomberg and I found something rather shocking ... UK 10yr Bonds = 2.14% German 10yr Bonds = 2.14% Amazing, I know the UK is printing a few more pennies, and the euro is buggered, but this is still a massive surprise! Discuss!
  9. Ive never seen such a Horrisum MP on this program, she really put in a satanic performance! She'll be booted out as soon as she loses her looks!
  10. Brilliant last bit from snapps, followed by insane claps for caroline flints comments! But at least snaps wrapped it all up well, winning some good support! Caroline Flint is f'ing useless, she speak 105% pure ********! Eg the comment about the energy Market being uncompetative, even though ed milliband was energy secretary. David dimblileby is doing his best to blunt any rightwing support!
  11. I work for a company that's flogging 'cloud computing'. Tbh, it's nothing new, it's just a buzz word. The pricipals remain the same as dumb terminal computing 20/30 years ago. The only real advantage of the hosted servers we off is far cheaper processing power, you don't have to spend £20k buying a server for something and then go about hosting it and maintaining it, u just hire a virtual server and that's it. Proper cloud computing 'using aps hosted else where) will quickly fall by the way side when offices realise that there office is effectively shut down should they lose their network connection, slow connectivity and the reliance on a 3rd party company when things go wrong! It's a good addition to have, but I wouldn't rely upon it!
  12. How is this any different to the unions funding of labour? People donate money to get representation. It's not like we dont need any new houses anyway!
  13. I just had a quick look on first direct and they're offering a 5yr fixed rate mortgage at 3.49% for £1499 or 3.99% fee free! And I thought I got a good deal at 4.19% for 5 years, I feel depressed now Anyway, if insanely low rates like this can't put some life into the housing market then nothing can! http://mortgages.firstdirect.com/calculators/compare-calc/products
  14. Stuart bell, mp for middlesbough btw. ... And still people vote for this tool!
  15. What shapps is saying is that wages need to go up faster than house prices, which we all know. He's had a real roller coaster ride since coming in, in the first few months he spoke sense, prices are too high etc. Theni don't know if he got a bollocking or something, but he then began talking up the Market like labours finest rampers! The article above makes good reading, they want to build more houses, he states that it's insane that people can afford a roof over their head and priced need to come down! May the this be the return to sanity the uk needs!!
  16. Everyone has said something agreeable at some point or another, even awful people like Tony Blair. Gadaffi did make Libya rich, but how much of that was from freedom and international trade rather than oil riches?
  17. The Daily Mail informs the sheeple that Labour sailed us down the river. Why will anyone ever vote labour again ... ? Gordon Brown say "No more boom and bust" - but we have the biggest boom and then bust ever Tony Blair says "Education, Education, Education" - then we have their children rioting on the streets of England because of ill discipline and no hope for the future. What a great country they made this. Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2031946/UK-plunges-debt-danger-zone-Labours-10-year-borrowing-binge-says-finance-watchdog.html#ixzz1WaPSEgZe
  18. Ask me when I have some money, but prior to buying a house a few months back, it would have taken me about 6-7 years, but I couldn't live with my parents forever!
  19. So wht did the FED lend so much money? Why would the BoE need a billion dollars, unless they were to lend it straight back to the FED?
  20. Is Nicholas Robinson the worst looter ever?
  21. The Children of labour have no respect. All the tolerance, health and safety, political correctness rubbish and a decade of greed ah left them like gibbering monkeys who are interested in shiney things and nothing else!
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