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  1. http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/business/8125898.stm The graph in this article is very interesting - the last contraction was back during the previous house market crash and this time it is much much worse.
  2. There's a wealth of knowledge on this thread that I would very much like to fully absorb. Is part-time trading a worth-while way to spend my free time and more importantly - my free money. Or is it only a hobby that doesn't really make a considerable profit - I do realise its not an easy way to make money of course. getdoon_weebobby - do you make considerable profits for the companies? Or is it more along the lines of a steady profit greater than your average savings account?
  3. A Ph.D in genetics, lol I guess I was very wrong - I hope I didn't offend! Did you study at Queens? Dr. Prodöhl and Dr. Fletcher taught me - great guys.
  4. fair point - was only responding to nemesis discussion over
  5. nemesis - I am surprised by your view on abortion, especially considering that it is not rooted in some religious belief. Far be it my place to say if you are right or wrong but I do question your belief that if a woman is 4weeks pregnant....and is discovered to have cancer. It has already metastasized to a secondary site and needs chemotherapy asap or she will die. You believe she should give up her life so a child can be born a potential orphan - I see no moral high ground there? Or when medical science pin-points a rare genetic disease, a neural tube defect for example. The child may or maynot be born - if it is, it will most likely suffer extreme pain while it slowly suffocates as the child does not have the neural capacity to breathe. Yet you believe the child should be brought into the world? Yea I agree, young fresh children in their prime - ready to take the world on - great, but I don't see the direct relation to abortion? You have strong views yet I assume (I maybe very wrong) you don't know the full facts in terms of science. At which point do you consider 'life' has been concieved? At the moment of conception? (the typically religious stand point) or perhaps when the fetus develops pain receptors or a conscious mindscape? Do you consider contraception an indirect form of abortion? Noam Chomsky stated that all people would assume it ok for a woman to wash her hands (stay with me here), in doing so she would loose any number of skin cells. At some point in the future these cells could be used to establish life....therefore is that not a parallel to abortion....at which point do you draw the line? I personally believe a woman that has been raped should be offered the chance for an abortion. Is it fair for her to go through the emotional termoil - especially if she is religious and her community almosts demands her to bring the child to term. I couldn't even imagine the distress of going through child birth knowing the child was the product of a brutal rape. Even if she does put the child up for adoption - its still prelonging the pain of the initial attack - drawing it out for a further 9 months. I see no problem what so ever in forcing a chemically induced abortion in a day old blastopore.
  6. I disagree with the assertion that those who label themselves as the most liberal tend to be the most intolerant. Unfortunately generalisations cannot be avoided in discussions should as this and IMO the generalisations are quite accurate. Northern Ireland is the most religious of the 4states within the UK. I believe this fact in itself is one of the main reasons outsiders, should as other HPCers, have a slight negative view of NI. If a woman is raped in this country it is illegal for her to have an abortion - I personally find this criminal and NI is the only UK state that employs this religiously incited archaic law. The recent death of a catholic man after a rangers/celtic match - not even in Scotland do you see this sort of barbaric violence. I remember hearing that around 70 loyalists went to Coleraine court in support of the accused....certainly not an appropriate stance to show in a peaceful society. The politians here are a joke. Useless partisan josling between sides when what we need is real politics on issues that really matter. The DUP - where the previous leader thought the Pope was the anti-christ....if that's not extreme what is? Sinn Fein - Martin McGuiness calling the Real IRA traitors whenever he was associated with the same futile war 20 years ago. I agree with Smell TF in that many people in NI have underlying predujuices of the 'other side'. For example, I am friendly with a protestant that dated a catholic girl for many months a few years back. This was during a uni semester and when it was summer time they both went home, Armagh and Belfast repectively. He was teased by his brothers and friends that he was going out with a catholic girl, also his mother forbid him to keep up the relationship as she would die if he married a catholic. I know a catholic girl that would never go out with a protestant - perhaps not such a great example as she is very narrow minded but she's one of many. My point being that although we may all get along in the work place, at the pub or where ever it may be - many deeply religious catholics and protestants have an unhealthy paranoia of each other. I disagree with Smell the fear in regards to the majority of NI residents being overly bigotted or sectarian but I do believe too many people in this state are ruled by religion. As an atheist I have many problems with religion but unfortunately even if NI became a more secular society (Eng for example) the nature of the human race means we would still group together in small bands - whether it be race, birthplace, football team - and cause hurt/pain.
  7. I just back read this thread, very interesting, am I the only one to agree mostly with Smell the fear?
  8. Some1 earlier stated that roughly 4 times the average income should be essentially the price of an average home - that would equate normal, and therefore we have a bit to go yet before the market bottoms out. I whole-heartly agree with this but what are the chances the market will bottom out at this level? Aren't a lot of EA touting of peak interest in property and vendors raising asking prices? With the government incentives, stupid sheeple, the media (my arch nemesis) surely there's a good chance the bulls will get their way and the market will "recover" prematurely?
  9. Guitar - I'm hoping to buy as close to the uni as possible - my only issue being how far from campus is too far to expect your average student to walk? Otherwise I'll never get people to rent. And yea there are properties for 50-60K with 2/3 bedrooms. Refugee - my predicament is somewhat different from that of most students. I'll be in and about stockton for roughly 7 years but where I'll be precisely isn't set in stone. I should be stockton for the first 3 years but I'll be in Newcastle for the next 2 (I'll be renting it out) with the option to move back to stockton in the last 2 years. A huge risk will be a wildly increasing interest rate as the years go by? Or is this as big a problem as I've been lead to believe? Although the interest rate is 0.5% - mortgage lenders haven't really passed it on...surely whenever the base rate "normalises" again the rate shouldn't jump up too much??
  10. Hey guys, Need some advice on whether to buy or rent while at Durham uni (stockton campus). I see plenty of houses for sale in and around the 50-60K bracket - I would be going for an interest only mortgage and the payments would work out close to that of renting. Is this a good idea or bad idea?
  11. bearsrus - my longterm gf is training to be a nurse lol In relation to medics and their wage....I may be biased but I think doctors are under paid for what they do. Like mentioned above very few get paid over 100K and those guys (in general) more than deserve it. Junior docs start on 23K, not 33K. They can currently make up to 36K if they work 56 hrs a week in a busy ward but that will change nationwide from Aug. Money is certainly not a reason to go into medicine, there are many more professions that pay an awful lot more! A little off topic though. reraise - halls are hugely expensive! £108 a week!! There's no chance I could pay for them. And yea I have to move in my 4th and 5th years, hence why I said 3 years at uni initially. This thread has been hugely helpful and I really think I've been saved an awful lot of headache and stress by just deciding to rent - thanks guys.
  12. woohoo2 - thanks for your take on things. My story is more complex than your average student - finance is more of an issue for me. In a nutshell I've just finished a degree (literally today at 10.00am there) and hopefully I've done quite well but what I'm studying this sept will be medicine. I'm already 14K in debt!! Many people think I'm crazy for taking another 5 years of loans (amounting to roughly 25-30K to do medicine). At this very moment in time I'm not sure if I'll do medicine for these financial reasons. If I worked harder at school I wouldn't be at this fork in my life but I can't change that now. My mum kindly said she'd help by paying for my rent and I stumbled onto the fact interest only would be cheaper than rent, I instantly (naively) though it would be a no brainer to 'own' the house rather than waste money. with the prospect of 1. having a full house to my own and 2. the ability to rent out a room or two to cut down my medicine loans even more would be excellent. Before I even posted on here I realised some of the stresses and unforseen problems that could and most likely will rear up in the process of buying a house. I had doubts even then and I guess after reading all your comments it seems like the last thing I should do. When I seen that buying a house was plausible I guess I justed imagined graduating as a registered doctor, selling the house and maybe making enough to cancel all my debts - in my dreams!!! lol (I know this probably doesn't make a difference but on my long journey toward medicine I spent 2 years in the building trade and I know an awful lot about joinery and bits of pieces of other trades - my idea was to buy a slight wreck and spend my free time doing it up. I though this would increase the value depending on extent of damage etc. slightly free-damaged etc).
  13. I value your opinions, I'm trying to better understand this. So both shipbuilder and belfast boy - rent for the next 3 years without a doubt?
  14. ship builder - I appreciate your honesty. Well renting out at current prices would be £7200 over 3 years, for 1 room and shared bathroom, kitchen, etc. I've been quoted an interest only mortgage for £178 a month = £6408 over 3 years. Now as I see it, it could be possible to sell the house on for the price I paid for it in 3 years (adjusted for inflation). Therefore I would have saved 6408 plus made a modest profit of £792. That also does not factor in the possibility of renting out a room or two and totally covering the modest interest payments. Now of course there's the little matter of huge increases in the interest rate - but surely that could be offset (to an extent) by increasing the rental income (and the tenant would have to pay as every1 jacks up the rent). Don't get me wrong - this idea is full of risks but that's why I'm here talking about it. Essentially its my mum that's paying and I don't want this to go tits up! Your point about paying for a service....why should I line the pockets of some buy to let landlord whenver I could do the same? Why shell out money I don't have to?
  15. shipbuilder - I'm not really talking about speculating, in a way yes technically, but not really. There's two opinions for me (in an ideal steady housing market world) 1. I pay the interest on a mortgage and eventually sell up, perhaps with money in my pocket or perhaps even a loss (potenitally cheaper than renting - to begin with anyway) 2. I pay 3years worth of rent that I will never see again. If by speculation you mean I want to know which way will lose me less money then I guess you can call me a big fat speculator. TBH, who wouldn't take my approach? I'm potentially buying a house to live in while at uni, not to flip or for the primary reason to make money - simply to save money. doccy boy - thanks for your input Belfast boy - very interesting post - thanks. In relation to interest rate, I should be able to get a fixed rate for 3 years right? Take at least one risk factor out. You make valid points but surely even if prices dropped a further 20% to bottom out I would still be saving money if I held onto the house for whatever number of years needed for it to breakeven (breakeven can have two meanings; 1. I'll lose as much as I would have with rent, 2. I don't lose any money nor do I make any)
  16. What are the chances the housing market will return by the end of the year? From what I've read on this and other sites I know its a low chance but can any1 guess a rough percentage? I realise that may not be possible but is it closer to 20% or 2% likely? I'm about to start another 3year course at uni and my mother was thinking about buying a house. The area is a large town in the north of england, a handful of houses around 50-60k mark for 2/3 bed terraced house. Considering my situation it would be good if the market picked up soon after the agreed sale (the end of summer), the end of year would be good. The plan would be most likely to sell the house in 3 years after I leave but if the market is going to drop for another say 2years I'm screwed right? I hate the thought of renting for 3 years, throwing the money away!
  17. What a post Vedanta Trader - very informative. You say you can make money consistently - does this require a large amount of money to start with? Could I theoretically only start with only....say £500 and double it in a month...or more? I like your analogy of the strategy game - I think I could really get into it.
  18. I had always thought about investing in stock, money permitting. I remember back when cadbury had a sammonella scare their shares dropped and I wanted to invest £1000 but being a complete novice, as I am now, I was told not to bother as the traders take big percentages and set fees for investing your money - is this true? Northern Rock was another potential investment when they first colapsed.
  19. Yea I read that wiki article too, the apparently large university quoted by Wilsons is infact germany's smallest. Still though, if I did have a spare 10k....
  20. Ah ok that's cleared that up, thanks for your replies. Still though, it states it as vaccant and wouldn't it be a nice holiday house rather than an investment? lol
  21. Hey guys, I know I'm probably being naive here but why is this property so cheap? What's the catch? http://www.wilsonsauctions.com/property_de...w.asp?id=257353 At £9,500 why don't the locals buy it? Or is this just a stupid guide price and could go for over 1/2 a million?
  22. I know this is a bit random as a first post but that 'builder' on the show that was ripping that nice lady off was in my class for 7years. He's only 23 yet he's a millionaire! His father bought him a house when he went to uni, he conseqently did it up, sold it and then invested all his money into property in Bulgaria and apparently amassed a small furtune, since then he's been wisely investing in property all over Europe. I wasn't friendly with him but it's still weird randomly seeing him on tv!
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