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  1. I would wager a large sum of money that no F1 (JHO) in the whole of N.Ireland is on more than 40K. Infact very few would be on 36K max, and to earn that is literally slave driving, often illegal (but voluntary). Who are these F1s you know of that are earning well in excess of 45k?
  2. Ride on, Sogy - a bit harsh on ColinS. It wasn't pure greed or speculation on his part that got him into this situation, so many people out there bought into the market at the peak not knowing it was about to crash (unless they had a crystal ball/were big into the markets). I'm glad I wasn't in a situation to afford to buy, otherwise I'd be in a very similar predicament. I don't blame him for wanting out now on this floor after 40% falls before the building colapses!
  3. VT - what do you do then? Or has your hobby become a fulltime affair? I love reading these threads, I never did economics at school and I regret that. I bought the intelligent investor and have just started it. Do you think its possible to make significant money just as a part-time hobby around a fulltime job?
  4. I have a close friend who is very intelligent but unbelievably lazy. He's doing law at queens, never goes to class and is now in his 6th year after several repeats. He never gets a job and never has 2p to rub together and gets £400 a month on benefits but he's happy with this life and I guess that's the problem - too many people can easily live on that sort of money and be happy. I think the benefit system should be radically changed, cash for a set period, after that your on your own. Changes like that would mean my friend would have to get job! His excuses of late being as lame as; "I don't want a job that I can't walk to - I don't like the bus". If the government cut his benefits he'd soon change his tune. Some might think my views are harsh, considering he's my friend too, but he has the potential to become a lawyer and provide taxes for people that really deserve and need government help.
  5. Ahh the welfare system....it will be interesting to see what happens whenever unemployment reaches critical limits and the tax payers cannot afford to support the unemployed.
  6. I just searched for silver prices and found this; over 34 years I've heard of a gold rush (followed by silver) in the 70s but will this happen again? I see there wasn't much activity in the silver market in the last big house price crash of the late eighties.
  7. Lol, thanks. Just reading the whole thread you posted, are there ways of beating the 15% VAT charged on say, 3kgs of silver? (legal or shady). Eg. Can you buy them on the continent minus VAT and just bring them back with you hoping they don't realise?
  8. Private wealth confiscation - I've been trying to find out info on this but can't seem to find anything clear cut. Can someone kind please explain this? (Pretend I'm a 5yr old kid here). Ps. I realise this could be a noob question.
  9. Thanks VT, very informative as per usual. Now if only 10-20% of my savings could buy even one krugerrand lol
  10. Thanks for the post VT - although you have tried to answer my question my main point was more to do with why gold, you rightly pointed out it was due to its abundance but what about bismuth and tellurium? They are considerly scarcer than gold, silver, palladium, platinum, etc, etc, yet worth a fraction of the price. I suppose you could argue gold's historical importance but really, its only a useless metal. Is there a possibility gold could lose all it's value one day? My pedantic arguement aside - where can I buy some gold? lol 30mins of scanning the internet I've seen prices for krugerrands range from £260 to £670. What is the atual price of a single full krugerrand? Although a poor student I would love to buy just one with whatever money I make over the summer!
  11. Why is gold recession proof? Its only a useless metal, how come it's seen as more stable than useless paper? You can't eat gold, you can't build a house out of it (unless your a banker).
  12. Haha - the street fighter stroke was the funniest!
  13. I agree sour mash but I believe that's a long way off. I've seen many bonfires adorned with effigies of the Pope and the Irish tricolour burned and vice versa, I've seen effigies of King William and unionist flags being burnt at similar bonfires. Trying to get either of these 'celebrations' to become part of the Northern Irish community whenver they are themselves are instruments for divide is beyond me - ban them totally on both sides.
  14. On a side note - well done Mark Webber!
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