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  1. How much Stamp Duty did he pay - 15% if he bought via a company? He'll also have to pay CGT when he sells and presumably ATED if the properties go up in price?
  2. The aliens are big fans of Arthur C Clarke's Rendezvous with Rama?
  3. Well, Oumuamua is heading away from us out of the solar system at very high speed so they probably don't want us even as slaves.
  4. What would they want from us disgusting humans when they have cigar shaped probes that can travel through space unhindered for millions of years?
  5. Isn't it strange that this interestellar object just happened to pass within such close proximity to Earth considering the vastness of space. What are the chances...
  6. Does Japan have a welfare state? This only works if the new immigrants will be working and paying taxes and not a net burden on the Japanese state.
  7. Do you actually receive goods sent from China? I order stuff from there and half of it doesn't turn up or is the wrong thing and I just get a refund from Paypal as they don't send it tracked.
  8. Then why haven't the Tories done it? They could have avoided Brexit by cutting benefits to EEs but they couldn't even stomach that. They love giving benefits to all and sundry because it ultimately helps their rich backers - large companies and landlords who are subsidised by welfare (housing benefit/LHA and tax credits). I think they would rather squeeze the pips on the middle income workers by raising taxes than cut benefits. It's just not going to happen or it would have already. Look at the outcry regarding UC.
  9. Spy, why do you always think this will happen. The Government has shown time and time again that they will not reduce immigration, even thought the electorate has voted for it in multiple elections. Even if they reduce EU immigration, they will replace it with migration from other places and they certainly won't cut benefits as that would cause an outcry. Why do you think this will happen. Sure, it is the totally logical way to deal with the amount of debt and the growth of the welfare state but I think it is politically unpalatable (even from the Tories) as Labour is snapping at their heels and would most likely increase the welfare state even more. More and more people need benefits to live thanks to high rents and low wages, so won't be turkeys voting for Christmas.
  10. fru-gal

    Rare Landlord prosecution

    If a rogue landlord is forced to sell does he have to pay Capital Gains tax and what happens if he doesn't pay the fine? Does he just do 9 years in jail and get to keep the property?
  11. fru-gal

    Prime Minister Corbyn

    And Labour would most likely be even more unpopular. Miliband got (almost 3 million) less votes than Corbyn in 2015! Miliband is a Blairite and people are sick of status-quo neo-liberals.
  12. fru-gal

    Prime Minister Corbyn

    Apparently the bankers are more in fear of a Corbyn Government than Brexit. The way I see it is that if there is no Brexit then the Tories will lose a lot of support and Corbyn will get in. If there is a real Brexit (not BRINO) then this will also have implications for the economy (obviously). Either way it doesn't look great for HPI (in my opinion). I think the UK will be in decades of decline generally anyway as we have lived the high life for far too long...
  13. Hmmm. I wonder how many properties she has and how much they've increased in value over the past few years... Always amusing to see the right-on, left wing Guardian pumping out pro-HPI articles. They're mostly Blairite champagne socialists though, so no real surprise!
  14. fru-gal

    Rare Landlord prosecution

    So can she just go to jail and not pay? Surely this is a no-brainer for all councils lacking funds. Landlords are hated, especially rich Rachman-esque ones, so killing two birds with one stone...
  15. Pretty big drop here. Still waaaaaaaaaaaay overpriced though; https://www.zoopla.co.uk/for-sale/details/47634448?search_identifier=f79a1b0d00c64b3f9b497e6ee865fcd9 Price history Sold prices provided by Land Registry 15th Oct 2018 £1,095,000 Price reduced by £50,000 21st Aug 2018 £1,145,000 Price reduced by £80,000 28th Jun 2018 £1,225,000 Price reduced by £25,000 28th Jun 2018 £1,250,000 Price reduced by £145,000 24th May 2018 £1,395,000 First listed

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