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  1. What do you think would happen if Elvis Presley crashed a UFO onto the White House lawn?
  2. Generally curious to know how you worked that out. I'd be surprised to see inflation anywhere other than on its knees at that point. Are you taking the proposed minimum wage increases into account when saying that? I am assuming you are not and my own comment makes that assumption too.
  3. The problem in the UK is that the entire system is geared to rent seeking. Anything not dealing with that fundamental problem is simply sticking a plaster on an open wound. I suspect a minimum wage rise would probably just go to the rent seekers. The Labour Party ought to be talking about social housing and tax breaks/subsidies to support industries outside of London. This smacks of a gimmick IMHO.
  4. I think that fact that Salmond went to the Scottish people with a plan with high uncertainty concerning the currency and EU membership with all the economic pain that would bring and got 45% of the vote shows how broken the country is. Hopefully there might be sone genuine democracy in the UK through devolution but I won't hold my breath.
  5. Are you sure? Global trade sums to zero - I don't see what you are getting at here
  6. You'll need to wave that flag - looks fairly heavy!
  7. Is it true that Miliband has asked everyone to fly the saltire? And all the party leaders gave gone to Scotland to spread love and happiness? Does it look as farcical from the UK as it does from abroad?
  8. I think others have answered your points and I'd like to kick off by saying that I wholeheartedly agree with Scotland having its own currency. Indeed I'd also say they should try and exist outside of the EU and be truly independent.That said, 1. The poll on the currency union is 44% no, 22% yes the rest don't knows. And it includes Scots who are in favour. To get a majority you'd need the vast, vast majority of don't knows to turn to yes. Not going to happen. 2. The moment Scotland is independent, Scotland is a new state (don't muddle geography and culture with a political nation state please) and that being the case, Scots are not EU citizens. You will have chosen this, it not something being taken from you. I want Scotland to be independent (genuine independence not Brussellminister "independence") as I hope it'll lead to further devolution in England but make no mistake it'll not be an easy ride and the right choices will be the hardest road. Happy to be proved wrong (as long as there is no currency union, but IMHO the only way a currency union would happen would be on Devo Max style terms which would not be real independence)
  9. I fail to see how insisting that Scotland abide by the same rules as everyone else is a punishment and, given the problem with Flanders, Basque etc I think the motive for making Scotland into Exhibit A of "This is what would happen if you go independent" is far stronger than integrating a country of 5m people into a Europe which would not be weaker without them in it.
  10. I dont see the debt as an issue and I dont see the trade balance and cost to business with a country of 5m to outweigh the risk of having to guarantee the debt of a foreign country. In any case, a clear majority of rUK are opposed.Regarding your comments about Scotland in the EU - the moment Scotland leaves the UK it leaves the EU. Why do you think Spain for example would let Scotland in on terms not granted to other new entrants? Scotland is not going to be entering the discussions in a position of strength, it is going to enter them from a position of weakness in a atmosphere of acrimony. Scotland is a country of 5m people on the NW frontier of Europe. I wish you Scots well but, sorry to say this, but your comments simply sound naive.
  11. I simply cannot see what is in for the RUk is agreeing to a currency union. Salmond can't even come up anything beyond bluster about the "sovereign will of the Scottish people". Apparently the will of 5m people trumps that of 60m RUk, dunno how he worked that out.On the one hand I hope they go for it, anything that sticks 2 fingers up at Brusselminister is good in my book but I think a lot of the SNP are delusional. They will have to really go their own way, or give up so much sovereignty that independence is a word only. I really hope the SNP has a decent plan B, am highly concerned they don't. Have they battle planned this out?
  12. My only reservation is the demand by the SNP for a currency union which has come across as presumptous and arrogant. I fail to see why the RUk should be on the hook for the debts of a foreign country without any referendum saying they agree to it. Scots should go their own way, a true independent country must have its own currency and not be beholden to diktats from London or Brussels. I hope the Scots will do themselves proud and go for true independence. Best of luck! PS I cannot stand Salmond, smug little *****.
  13. Nothing wrong with his post, totally reasonable.Best of luck to the OP
  14. Good article at the Diplomat http://thediplomat.com/2014/08/india-needs-more-than-brics/
  15. You don't get it. Putin tried to persuade Ukraine to turn its back on the EU and what he got was a civil war and sanctions which will push him into recession. The EU has more clout in his own backyard than he does.
  16. Can't agree with you there, Japan is no bed of roses but tax here is far lower than the UK and I'd rather be paying the pensions of the sprightly old Japanese rather than the diabetic obese British.Good luck with Europe - I'd go for it!
  17. They are not anywhere near powerful or influential enough to do anything about the dollar hegemony. China cannot even take Taiwan and Rusdia struggles to control Ukraine. Moreover neither currency IIRC is tradeable like the dollar. We are good half century to a century from that, if it occurs, assuming Russia and China arent crippled by their aging societies.
  18. It is a reasonably interesting story but Zero Hedge appears to selectively quote to suit its political point of view (who'd have thunk it?) http://mobile.reuters.com/article/idUSKBN0G009R20140801?irpc=932 The title of the article is "India says WTO deal not dead, can sign in September if concerns addressed", not the rejection of the WTO the OP suggests. Indeed a perusal of the article indicates India simply wants an exception for their food subsidies, which us part of the usual horse trading. The main objection by other countries appears to be that the likelihood of the veto was not well signposted by India and was a bit clumsily done. The idea of India throwing their lot in with China and Russia appears to be made up by Zero Hedge, cannot see it from the article or my general knowledge. To my mind India sees itself as a future democratic, multicultural superpower with a mindset very different from the autocratic tendencies of Russia and China. Certainly they will not wish to or be willing to be a US ally in the style of Japan, but the idea of them being a part of some sort of anti-US alliance is very far fetched, especially in view of their border disputes with China. Regarding their relationship with Japan - Japan isn't trying to be BFF, they have strong and deep links with India going back to the beginning of the post war era. I think we can safely add Asian geopolitics to the long list of things Zero Hedge doesn't understand.
  19. As has Singapore, which IIRC, is where you were planning to move.
  20. +100The problem with Britain is the British, particularly the contempt many people have for others and the cowardice, which we like to pretend is tolerance and good manners, which enables it.
  21. So are you arguing that the Germans should stockpile BMWs rather than converting their surplus to debt? People do not borrow from savings, the money is created by the banks. Banks do not lend out the "savings". Perhaps I have been wrong in using the word savings creating confusion. Savings in a bank are the banks debt to you. No more, no less.I don't think you understand the problem at a fundamental level and I don't know how to explain it to you. My apologies.
  22. You don't get it. I buy a house as my savings. One day, I need to access the savings. How do I liquidate it? For me to liquidate it someone needs to be in debt - either through a mortgage or if a cash purchase, that cash is someone's debt.You also keep assuming balanced trade - again the issue isn't trade, no-one is arguing trade is a bad thing. What is bad is creating surpluses, which will, as night follows day, end up as debt and then criticizing the debtors! Without the debtors you cannot have the surplus. It is wrong to describe savings as good and debt as bad when you cannot have one without the other.
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