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  1. Why can't you have a penthouse in Belfast. It's a great city. still £1mill is way to much
  2. I guess this has been asked before but I can't be arsed to trawl through loads of threads for the answer so here goes. Just been onto hometrack to look at/download the most up to date report but the site has been redesigned and I can't find the full report anywhere. Does anyone know if we can still get access to it and if so where on the site can you get access from? Cheers for the replies Lazy P.
  3. Can't afford to buy anywhere with the parameters you use. Could borrow more from the banks and get somewhere we want but then I fall into the first category. ie can afford to buy but don't want massive debt therefore waiting for market conditions to change. My god. How much do you earn???? If I had that much money I wouldn't be wasting my time on a site like this. ps I'm not having a go here I'm just jealous. With that sort of cash I'd have bought a house many moons ago.
  4. I'm trying to save a deposit and need about £20K thus every spare penny I have goes into the bank rather than being spent on the high street. Think of how many others are doing the same thing. £20K is not easy to save either so it has taken me and any others like me off of the high street for 2, 3, 4 years??? This is down to one fact only. The ridiculous prices of houses today. On a side note. Spoke to my sister in law over the weekend who is 5 years older than me. She has a mortgage of £50K. Me as an FTB looking at £150K - £175K. Now that's inflation for you!!!
  5. But hasn't real disposable income fallen for the first time in many years recently?
  6. Ran out totally due to deliveries being blocked. I Had about a quids worth left in my tank and had to go to France with work. Heard no news while I was there and it was really weird comming back not knowing if it was all still on and if I wouldn't be able to fill up. Luckily enough it finished the day before I arrived back.
  7. I too am approaching 30 and have still to buy. The thing is now I don't want to buy a typical FTB property as I'm thinking about kids and all that. I'm just saving as hard as I can so that I can jump the first couple of steps on the ladder. After all who wants to pay £150,000 + for a shi**y one bed flat. Not me. Would be interested if anyone else was trying to do the same as me.
  8. Just signed a rental extension (My third year) and the EA's have just put a let agreed sign up on my house. I'm really pretty pissed off. When I extended last year (My second) there was no sign at all. I guess things are so bad for them at the moment they are trying any tactic to drum up some business. Thing that pisses me off the most is that we are quite settled and know the people around us quite well. we have already had two neighbours over who were upset we hadn't told them we were moving which quite clearly we are not. Anyway I got a hammer out and tore the sign down last night and am t
  9. Does make it sound rather grand doesn't it
  10. Agreed. But there are plenty who have bought 2000 - 2004 who will be well and truely shafted.
  11. How do you work that one out? Person A buys a house in 2004 for £200K Person B buys an identicle house in 2006 for £150K Are their mortgage repayment going to be the same? Are they in the same amount of debt? I don't think so. I think that makes quite a difference!!
  12. I'm 29 Straight out of uni in 98 to a job in London (Starting on £11K) Rent was £375 a month so it was impossible for me to save a deposit and house prices were to much for me back then. No rich parents to fall back on either and ask for a £50K loan/gift. Now earning £30K ish so am able to save the deposit but in the last 5 years HPI has overtaken me. If I was 5 to 10 years older I'd be a smug ******* now sitting on a pot of cash which I did nothing to earn. Lifes a bitch ain't it
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