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  1. By holding gold coins do you physically mean keeping them at home or are you talking about storing them in a bank ?
  2. I would like some advice please. STR - currently shifting equity money around in easy access interest accounts + Cash ISA's . I am a director / shareholder in a limited company and obviously have to do a tax return (or rather my accountant does). My wife works for the Ltd company part time but does not do a tax return. If i put funds in my wifes name do I have to declare this on my tax return ? Any advice would be greatly appreciated rgds dcbear
  3. Nice anecdotes - but also they are now being backed by the reality of what has happend to Countrywide (I appreciate that this has been done on other threads) but it backs up the anecdotal evidence hpc'ers have had to live on. 90% drop in profits - in 12 months - 1 in 10 estate agents to be ditched. If the EA's can't sell the houses then they will go bust . Simple. In order to make sales and to them its just making any sales to survive they will have to get vendors to lower their prices
  4. Thanks for the replies & ripostes to my earlier post. I think you are collectively right that it is a short term fix that should go nowhere - but it could delay a HPC which puts a strain on my STR position - I have a young family etc and being at the beck and call of a landlord is not ideal and moving is a major hassle. My hope is that the inflationary pressure from devalued sterling (against the $) and high oil means the MPC can't cut. But if they do and prolong the HPC a certain number of STR, FTB etc etc will just through life circumstances return to the housing ladder
  5. the powers that be are going to try and stop a crash in HP + economy - lets be honest thats their job - cutting rates may be a short term fix but its still a fix i think the rate cut will send a signal to the masses that its ok to buy again - after all its come from those in charge. Money will become "cheaper" again and houses will start moving again - even if its temporary . I'm an STR for 12 months - I think if the rates go down I will get back in as first I will be able to get a v.cheap mortgage and I am learning that the housing market moves so slowly in the downward direction - I could
  6. Yes good article and good thread - I completley sympathise with those on this thread whose Mrs, family , close friends + associates think you insane for being an STR (July 2004) or just refusing to buy at these ludicrous prices. HPC is such a 'touchy' subject because its about money and where u live . I have stopped getting involved in discussions as its too irrational. I have looked at a couple of houses recently and they were nice but it was enjoyable to throw in low ball offers 12% - 22% under asking price. Got immediate refusals mind - one had been on a year and needs £60K of work . So th
  7. But 'new instructions' are still coming on at inflated values - u are right some have been on for ages and are therefore not selling but this does not in itself constitute a crash - sales may be down by 40% but that means there are still a lot of people buying these places
  8. Yes I quite agree - thats a good game plan. Go in and register interest - tell them my position - i.e. STR , mortgage approved etc and tell them when it hits £xxx come talk 2 me and then wait and hope things get increasingly difficult . I have an advantge that this house needs improvements (like central heating, rewiring etc) BTW has anyone else noticed there seem to be quite a few - 'needs renovating / improving' coming on the market - 12 months ago these would have been snapped up by the do it up and sell it on types / builders etc
  9. Yes this forum is becoming very closed in on itself and becoming the Church of HPC - with all different opinions scorned and heretics flamed. I have been reading and very occasionaly posting for a year now - and felt I learnt a lot at the start but a lot of threads do seem to be about reinforcing the hpc regardless. I am an STR , I am watching closley - prices do seem to be coming down by small amounts , transastions are down by hugh amounts but everytime I open a property paper it is still full of v.expensive houses .Obviously someone is still buying. Just wishing for a crash is very danger
  10. Have friends who are considering selling their home that I spoke to over the weekend. They said that their estate agent had said it was very quiet at the moment but it was because people were waiting to see who won the election. I too would like to see some evidence that house prices rise after an election - so if anyone has any that would be good. My gut feeling is that its EA spin - I mean most people don't give a monkeys about politics anyway do they, the BoE is not controlled by the Govt , economy etc is not suddenly going to change after May 11th ... '
  11. no - it is North Dorset - Shaftesbury - Gillingham area - "" THEY are the crowd, and they are displaying crowd behaviour. They are so certain that they are right, that they have stopped thinking, stopped analyzing. Result: They buy without doing their homework, and have that warm glow that comes from crowd approval. " Yes you are right - it is hard going though when they think they are absolutley right and are sat in very expensive houses to boot.
  12. ahh glad to see I am not the only one feeling the same - waiting is a tough game - the 1st 10 months were fine - then I have just moved again to another rented house and the upheaval has been tough. With wife + 3 young kids I crave stability - knowing that all things being equal (no job loss etc) where I lay my hat is my home. On the converse side I am seeing 5% - 10% falls in the area I live - when I looked at property 10 months ago I could only afford a 3 bed for £250K - now I am starting to see 4 beds coming on at that sort of level. Perhaps its a question of your heart wanting the stabil
  13. I have wife + 3 kids and it is a hassle to STR - but nothing compared to the stress of buying a c**p house with a huge mortgage for the rest of my life and loosing all my equity
  14. Yes I agree with this - if I had the knowledge and time I would like to invest elsewhere but as I have neither I'll stick to 5% interest. I have just reviewed a property paper from beginning of August 2004 - there was a house in there that we liked at £279,950 - 6 months later in todays paper it is £249,950 - thats a £30K drop. My rent (I am an STR ) for 6 months is £4350 - to own that house at the top end would have cost me a £210K mortgage - 6 months cost - roughly £7200. So had I moved then I would have lost £30k equity + it would have cost me £3K more to live there than my equall
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