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  1. Rather than extending their own house and adding maybe £100k to its value, they converted the garage...... £365k? http://www.rightmove.co.uk/property-for-sale/property-68383445.html
  2. They're still all horrible areas, though. Probably just caught up with the general London HPI that they missed out on when the nicer bits went mad. Those areas are still regarded as cheap to buy in when comparing like for like with anywhere else in London. Rubbish strewn high streets, full of chicken shops and bookies is all you get - plus crime.
  3. My word, you sound like Tim Nice But Dim, but minus the nice bit. I feel sorry for your neighbours.
  4. We're leaving the EU...... Polish barriers on movement from the UK won't hurt us.
  5. Maybe your post was dull and didn't deserve anything better? Let it fall away gracefully and don't take it to heart.
  6. Wow. Simplified in 2 gramatically incorrect paragraphs. So everyone should rent and no one should own. Who do we rent from in that case?
  7. That would be a £100k house in a northern town.
  8. It's a decent area - I used to live there about 10 years ago. Prices then were silly, but that one is a good £75k over priced in relation to similar 2 beds.
  9. Well, this thread has turned into a back slapping, hom-fest of renters backing each other's positive experiences up How very HPC!
  10. Are you a hpc extremists who sees anyone other than renters as the enemy?
  11. Particularly when the interest you receive from your savings is greater than the amount you pay in rent.......
  12. My 1st mortgage was x3 my wage + my wife's at the time. I think that was exactly x3.5 mine. 1993. My last purchase and they offered x4 joint. We could have bought a house @ around double of what they offered, but simply didn't think it was doable. That was 2010. And we were honest..............
  13. I think we follow the same pages, hence me seeing your posts a lot.
  14. I think the point is the repetitious nature of your posting and how it should apply to everyone else. Rents where I am don't do the almost negative yield you claim.
  15. Really? You've never said this before - what a revelation.
  16. But the real question is: which one is the Hollywood actor? I can't see anyone famous other than the inbred, horsefaced one that married the fit girl last year.
  17. Load it up, pay the minimum and watch your allowance shoot up.
  18. And then there's the part that can't be calculated: being settled. For me, that's the clincher and paying more to 'own' can't be put into numbers. Having gone from rented where my LL (accidental) was a pain in the **** and then sold from under me, to not having that issue is lovely. Nicer because I don't have my wife going on and on and on and on and on about buying. Each to their own, but finances alone can't be the major issue - life is for me.
  19. Just nipped in to the Mega Tesco, Sutton for some booze. Left with a bit of pick n mix. no booze. They've whacked up their prices by 10-20% on the stuff I normally buy. Sainsbury was £1.49 cheaper for a pack of 4 cans of Speckled Hen. Their fruit and veg has always been crap, as has the meat.
  20. I think being on the dole might be better than being a London bus driver - certainly safer. I'd want more than £11 an hour to courier the shit around that they have to, and to negotiate the Wacky Races roads of London. They do tend to be awful drivers, though.
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