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  1. http://www.bbc.co.uk/homes/property/mortgagecalculator.shtml
  2. what do you mean closing?.....................
  3. with LU/Vodafone and Toyota thats another 2500 jobs gone,just the beginning i think,but isnt the recession over!....
  4. Tell me about it,my girlfriend and i are renting a very nice 4 bed detached (value approx 350K)................we are currently applying for mortgages (we earn well approx 80k between us)...guess what we cant get a mortgage for love nor money because the scum bags before us have left a trail of debt linked to that address,as we applying for mortgages and putting that address down we are just being turned down........im now applying for a mortgage in my mums address and guess what A pass credit rating..... that reminds me i must call the letting agents and give them a bollocking about it........
  5. yes i remember when Norman Whiteside was at Man Utd,in the mid 80's he was earning 25K a year!
  6. tell me more about Bloor Homes please...my better half holds a senior position in Taylor Wimpey,gives us something to talk about later!
  7. whoever paid 150k for that mess wants their head looking at!.....still way overpriced at its new level...
  8. they are coming,just had offer accepted today on 3 bed semi in Leicestershire,been up all year at 140k ish,couple splitting up,had it voluntarily repossessed,ive just bought it for 105K.....ive noticed more and more these last few weeks....its starting to bite now...............
  9. ] another one, i get the feeling that a raft of businesses go bust and close in the run to Xmas and beyond, anyone else think the number of business collapse will outnumber last years. Yep......i think we are totally F----D next year,not that im an expert i might add im just an ordinary guy in the midlands trying to buy a house!
  10. when are the latest official figures out....(tongue in cheek)
  11. Having recently pulled out of a purchase 1 week before exchange(yes i had paid out almost a grand in fees and set up costs etc) ,mainly due to all the talk of this looming double dip house price crash,i now read with amazement that we have the 7 th month of price increases,and also people around like Mr Manager who just cant help themselves by putting in almost asking price offers!please please what is going on?.....when is the crash happening? im currently renting with 50K sitting in the bank......
  12. Thoughts please,im just coming out the other side of a divorce and am looking to buy a house,(at 42 yrs of age theres only so long you can live with ur mum!)I have seen one i like,the price is 135K,it needs work,but thats perfect for me.the property has been on the market for some time and there has been 1 offer made on it in February which was rejected.I have funds in place and would like to make an offer.I understand we are still looking at a property fall of between 10-15%,so to build some safety into the property what do you think would be a decent offer?....im thinking 115k........any thoughts please.
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