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  1. I came in here expecting an announcement on Suspension Forks....
  2. You may be barking up the wrong tree with some Company Car Allowances. In many cases they are just additional cash which is itemised as an equivalent of receiving a company car. e.g. I receive £x car allowance on top of my basic salary. It is paid as £x/12 each month through payroll (subject to PAYE and NI) and I am under no obligation to use it on car expenses. So, when applying for a mortgage, I would quote the total of my salary and car allowance as my "Salary". I would, however, argue that expenses payments for business use of a private car should not be included as "Salary".
  3. Coutts is 100% owned by RBS, which is 84% owned by the state...
  4. Wikipedia tells me you're mistaken...
  5. Linky no worky for me...
  6. I'm not sure you've understood the concept of this forum...
  7. There are full indoor and outdoor pictures now. Topic rendered pointless - move on...
  8. 2 bed semi, with an AGA for cooking. Separate gas central heating. Approx £80 per month
  9. Older people trading down? There must be quite a few of these. My wife's granny bought a £400k house with cash.
  10. Wrong Coq, ****. * You're thinking of the Coq d'Argent... (* As in 'Wotcha, ****', nothing offensive) Edit: damn that word filter
  11. Proof of why you should haggle on the rent - a PropertyBee oops..! http://www.rightmove.co.uk/property-to-rent/property-10294938.html 13 October 2010 * Price changed: from '£1,250 pcm' to '£1,400 pcm' * Status changed: from 'Not Listed' to 'Available' 14 August 2009 * Agents Telephone changed: from '08453473515' to '08453033195' * Status changed: from 'Available' to 'Not Listed' 08 April 2009 * Price changed: from '£1,300 pcm' to '£1,250 pcm' [Found by n/a] 11 March 2009 * Price changed: from '£1,550 pcm' to '£1,300 pcm' [Found by n/a] 20 January 200
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