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  1. I've been a school teacher since 2004. I am looking to leave the profession soon. Drives me nuts. The holidays are the only positive. That and the actual teaching aspect (a small part of the job). A lot of teachers are freaks. I only have to look at the picture of this couple and I know exactly the kind of people they are. There's also something a tad aspergers about the obsession with a matching suite. There's a lot of teachers on the asperger spectrum, unbeknown to them of course. As to the story. Disgusting how people are allowed to own that many properties. I hope they rot in hell.
  2. I guess there is a difference between any old Rotary member and a bonifide Skull & Bones.
  3. Thank you candidate 177622992 Here is your GCSE in technological philosophy. *A. Well done. What are you talking about?
  4. I think, quite frankly, if someone had banned couples from having more than one child in countries like China and India, the rest of us would have more chance of proper productive work. I know China tried to manage the pop' explosion, but they obviously didn't try hard enough... China and India should be ashamed. This thought was designed in the UK and Made in China
  5. I was guessing 6 million.. I wish Britain was China right now. I wish it was 1960 in Britain right now. They (those with money who make big decisions) done ******ed us right up our ****. Our whole way of life is just a facade.
  6. Wrong if you are talking about dole. You can have 16k of savings and still qualify for dole (if you have paid nat ins in the relevent tax years preceeding the claim). You will not get dole if you have 16k and no nat ins contributions. this is because there are 2 different JSA benefits, contribution based and income based. The former also is allowed if you live with a partner who works, the latter again penalises those who live with a partner who works.. hence people start getting imaginative with who is exactly what with who.... and we appear to have more single people than we actually have.... for housing benefit, you can have 6k with no loss of benefit.. but for every £250 up to 16k there will be a £1 loss to housing benefit.. so if you had say 10k, you would lose £16 of housing benefit per week.. for 15k, you would lose £36.. at 16 though you don't qualify for housing benefit at all AFAIK...
  7. I for a while and not that long ago was a robotic analyst. Robotics alas never lived up to its expectation, certainly not the public's or Hollywood's expectation. When all is said and done, robots are still stupid, and will never compete with 1 billion Chinese people working for between ok and ****** all. Computer aided machine vision has made them better at seeing, but they will never assemble like a human or semi-automation for the vast majority of man-made products. Honda have spent what 100 million on just making a robot walk. MIT have barely got one to fake the look of a human. And we're running out of energy apparently, so i-robot, that optimistic idea of future prowess..... will never happen.
  8. what's the point moaning? we either fight.. or leave these shores if we are able.
  9. So those that engineer the recession crack in the first place get their jollies regardless.. the rest of us are expected to be happy on minimum wage, or working for free in the poundshop for our benefits (did you see those ******ing apples?), and look at the lovely houses that we can no longer afford. A recession sees further movement of wealth from poor to rich. I'm a ******ing teacher and engineering graduate and I live hand to ******ing mouth. Solidarnosc my Royal Mail brothers. sock it to 'em!
  10. CRT's were better than LCD. LCD's however have biger screens, and smaller footprints. Shops love them. They can now stock lots and they are easier to put out on shelves and deliver to customers. Manufacturers love them because big heavy old CRT's were expensive to ship across the world. Hence why CRT production still occured in the UK until quite recently (within last 10 years). Plasma comes close to CRT, plus with bigger screens than CRT.. LCD still has a way to go...
  11. LCD - emperor's new clothes..... CRT's were better.
  12. Nothing will change without violent protest. Nothing changes ever without violent protest.
  13. I agree with you. 911 was blatantly and obviously an inside job. I guess it goes to show how ignorant most people are regarding physics, engineering, materials, history.. probability, Newton's conservation of momentum etc etc I have a 2:1 BEng, MEng Mechanical, A Level physics, and other stuff.. 911 was blatantly a demolition job on the THREE buildings concerned. But media shapes opinion. It isn't true unless media says it is.
  14. Maybe this will tie in with the growing acceptance for euthanasia?
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