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  1. Two decent price cuts in the Falmouth area today.

    The first in Penryn. This house has just just changed agents (was Heather Lay) when it was on at £295,000 and is now down to £275,000 (6.8%)

    The second in Falmouth. This was advertised about 6 months ago at £250,000 and had dropped in 2 steps to £240,000 and today has been further reduced to £225,000 (10% overall)

    Falmouth was a property hotspot but now looks to be cooling.

  2. A house we had taken an interest in went under offer a month ago in Dawlish. It is now back on the market (still at the same price). Another we had a look at in March has just come down £10k. A third which has been on the market since August last year has now dropped 20k.

  3. We sold our house in Cornwall last year and have been living in rented since, and watching rhe market ....

    Went on a visit this week and spoke to the EA who sold our house for us. He was always very straight with us and he gave us the following take on the market.

    1. There was an upturn in activity and offers being accepted in March.

    2. As soon as the General Election was called that activity ground to an abrupt halt

    3. There has been no recovery in activity since.

    4. Chains that were formed up during March are now falling apart again.

    In his words "The whole market around here is very indifferent at the moment"

  4. We are considering buying a property in Dawlish and have been watching the market for nearly 12 months. About then a new EA moved into the town and in our view single handedly pushed up prices in the area by around 20% (this was the middle of 2004).

    So far we have seen virtually no evidence of prices falling from these peak levels but to our mind there seems a vast swathe of property in the 275k - 350k range which is now looking grossly overpriced compared to places nearby.

    We have offered at a 10 - 15% discount to asking price but no-one as yet seems interested. Bungalows still seem to be selling, although houses do seem to be sticking more.

    Is this just a local anomaly????????

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