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  1. oh sh1t elvis is still in the building ...
  2. hmm some of it might be a smokescreen, and my guess is to overshadow economies SHTF...
  3. natwest would go down as well? is hsbc safe?
  4. theres a lot of us on the same boat mate, before this crisis im always bring headhunted and normally decline job offers, then six months ago i have been made redundant, there are some job offers but too far from where i live, and like you i have degrees and doing O&M design and even cad coordination, hopefully it would get better.. keep your chin up
  5. believe me, they will prop up these banks even if they will have to sell the tax payers, they conceal propping them up before why do we think they would not do it now? super GB will again save the world, just to stay in power!
  6. competitive devaluation, no major economy now cares about how many fiat currency they have to throw to a fire that would only prolong the status quo... almost every major economy is doing it anyway, so who cares...
  7. whoah! somebody ask a question and i gave an answer... you assumed im going to inherit something and will benefit from tories policies, no sir no!
  8. those who are waiting for their inheritance and waiting to see their folks disappear as soon as possible, for the tories may not last long in power
  9. +1 plus the useless insurance they keep pushing you to buy.... i really loved to see them go under
  10. http://www.nytimes.com/2007/08/12/opinion/12sun1.html?_r=1 this might help in this topic..
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