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  1. looks like a minor blip to me, nothing to worry about once the Boe increase QE House prices can only RISE!
  2. break your back, go for a self certified load (liar loan) if need be this could be your last chance house prices are going to start soaring again! if you miss the boat this time, it won't come by again BUY BUY BUY !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  3. Don't worry mate, your house will be worth 300k next year Keep the faith!!!
  4. All this is irrelevent!!! House prices can only keep rising!
  5. dispite rising unemployment, massive negative growth in the economy, its quite obvious house prices can only RISE any Fool can see it
  6. maybe they should do an interest free, buy now pay later scheme these are always good
  7. the question reminded me of a past experience :-) im still bitter as you can see lol its not good moving about too much with a cat anyway i cant forsee any major problems in moving with a cat some landlords will have a cat of their own just shop around a bit there are enough vacant propertys to choose from and afterall landlords are only interested in money you could even offer to replace the backdoor when you move again if you decide to put a catflap in
  8. ive done it once when i got kicked out off my ex gf, logdged at my mates for six months till i saved enough deposit to rent somewhere, didnt have any problems really told landlord i had a cat beforehand unfortunatly the bitch had already moved another bloke in who kicked the fook out of my cat £300 quid vet fees I wasnt fast enough finding somewhere I totally underestimated her, as it was a 3 bed detached i got kicked out of just goes to show scumbags can have money
  9. dispite all this crap off the bulls the reality is the housing market is finished there never was money to be made in property except when its entering a bubble late 80's 2000's onwards.. this is it, now it is over a lot more to crash back to realistic prices it got to the point of madness when 20 yr old couples needed to get 40yr morgages etc this house price bubble wasnt good for anybody except property developers and banks a house should be a home not a money making opportunity
  10. Why are we bears even engaging in conversation with the bulls? This is quite obviously Bull trap time, lets just sit tight and leave them to it
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