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  1. Thought this would be an interesting poll given all the different opinions about BTLing and property development, right, wrong or indifferent. If you felt you could afford to buy a property to either fix up and flog or fix up and rent, would you do it after a crash? If you are a developer already, it would be good to see what you will be doing if there is a big crash and you may lose money this time round. Are you a property guru?
  2. more like there so much twosh around here and so many twats who want to live here
  3. just to verify this - the BBC CHANGED their title. Type 'Sharp Fall in House Price Growth' into Google News and see what comes up, hmmm. the link title is not the page title.. Good 'ol Google. Bad 'ol Beeb
  4. If they are cash buyers why is it taken so long to complete? I've seen chained sales go through quicker... but not all
  5. Must be an investor Will be interesting to see the frequency of housing market reports from the Beeb over the coming 3 months. Also whether they put it on the evening news which is watched by more.
  6. I was gaining confidence in steady declines in prices in my area (N16 Norf Landon) until 4 houses near me which have for sale boards up for before 2 days and 1 month all sold (STC) last week. I went into one EA and asked about them and 1 which had sold before but the buyers buyer had fallen through was the 2 dayer. I asked about the current state and he said ' even though everywhere around here is steadying(!), around here prices are even rising'. But then these places are in prime location and I swear they put something in the water round here as people are bonkers and don't look beyond havi
  7. My parents bought their house for 30k in 1979, it’s now worth 450k according to a local EA. They tried to sell late last year and got plenty of viewings but no offers. Their attitude was, we don’t need to move but the money would be nice. Now they’re quite happy to stay put, it’s a lovely place – I said I’d put an offer when the prices crash How many house owners looking to move would be willing to take a substantial drop from asking price now that they’ve seen their properties achieve the dizzy heights of 100%+ growth in only a few years? Not many in my opinion because the feeling of being
  8. I've noticed more and more 'Let' 'Home Let' signs around my area (N16/E8) over the last few months.. but then I started paying attention to which houses/flats they are on and I noticed that some places had the signs permanently attached (i.e. for over 2 months). Is this just an advertising method of EAs? or a attempt to make people think that there is loads of renting going on? Funnily, more and more 'For Sale' signs are being replaced by 'For Let' too.
  9. Update for N16 Over the last 2 weeks, 3 houses in my immediate vacinity have gone from sold to for sale. One had been 'sold' for about 6 weeks at least. I guess it be a chain thing, these are the 3 bed terrace houses that go for about 400k at the mo. In 2003 they were 300k. Looks like people are getting cold feet. Not surpised, who would buy a 2 bed plus box room for 400k in Hackney! Bloody stupid trendies thats who. Also, in my building of converted flats, prices were 300k for my 2 bed 'loft style' ponce pad, now they are on for 275k in the local EA.
  10. I agree, our landlady is totally spot on. We meet her for drinks and she doesn't mind if my girlfriend paints the wall (with tea). If you are a decent person who has respect for another persons property then renting if no hassle.
  11. No, it's just that Big Brother is crap and there's nout else on
  12. Margaret Thatcher and Alan Sugar in a lift. what happened next...
  13. we moved into our flat in N16 in March last year, did it through Loot because all the agencies in N16 are robbing, good-for-nothings who will charge you: credit check fee inventory check fee 'admin' fee! direct debit fee! and some other fictitious charge when they do their 6 monthly checkup They'll charge for a renewal, and are lazy when it comes to fixing any problems. We've renewed with the landlady and not signed a new contract because we shook hands and I'm a person who honours my word (I know there are people who would abuse this situation unfortunately). I don't intend to play any
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