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  1. Haha, seems to be the way they'd spin it. Landlords on the other hand seem to have the sitting tenant Covid tax.
  2. Depends, enough equity and second/sideway/downsizer movers don't care. FTB on a 95%LTV might feel differently IF those guesses come good.
  3. https://www.theguardian.com/money/2020/nov/16/rents-uk-cities-fall-covid-landlords-london-hamptons Burn baby burn
  4. Boom. To think people said there's no more props.....
  5. Haha exactly. Remind me what that side's policy on the referendum, the Brexit deal and Covid was? Let's face it their track record on house price inflation makes them look like saints 😂
  6. The bottom course of blocks in the pyramid 😉
  7. By your definition food be able to open a Crocodile Dundee jewellery shop
  8. It's sad. I've always felt it got to be too big a problem once prices got to a life changing value. Feels like painted into a corner.
  9. I think i read somewhere that we have a shortage of 2m houses. The average house costs about 100K-140K to build excluding the land. 2M x100K is 200BN. Add in the land and associated infrastructure and you'd double it to 400BN. Back of ciggy pack calcs but yes we could approx have done this. However, building that many houses would lead to a shortage of labour and materials rising those costs. Ultimately if you tell the tax payer you're borrowing that money to protect the nhs, keep them safe and give them an income until this is over you are buying votes. If you tell the tax payer you're borrowing that money to give people a house built on land near them to impair their property value, over develop the countryside and give 'that lot' a better housing standard than they've worked hard for and bought themselves it's buying votes for the opposition.
  10. Hard to get exact numbers there but 220/150 Is roughly 47% and 2020 -2009 Is 11 years. 3.5% compounded. So not actually that bad really. What did house prices do from say 1997 to 2007?
  11. Boom. Different country and all but if it is happening there....... just need the law to prevent a switch back to short term let by giving the tenant better protection and it'll be a cold day in hell before the juice is worth the squeeze again.
  12. They've got a few billion sqft of office space to convert. Also makes a compelling case for pension funds. A good and steady income stream is perfect. I'd sooner it was institutionalised than a free for all mom and pop shop
  13. This is great news. BUT! I think a lot of the downward pressure on rental value is coming from airbnb switching to long term lets. Concern here is this is short lived and we end up flicking back once the jab comes to give those at end of life those extra precious weeks.
  14. Interesting, the 1990s was possibly the best ever time to buy a house but if this forum had existed it'd be telling everyone to wait for further falls.
  15. Residents or citizens because there's a subtle difference. Your examples only include small 'states' that are able to pick and choose who comes to work there (and they have to do that my taxing them nowt and paying them lots) ergo it is not a crossection of society but rather a success, or wealth bias. The residents in those states are educated where? and will retire where? Get up some demographics because this is frankly starting to get silly. Is you're dream then to turn your country into one that imports people educated elsewhere and send them back to retire there? If these are such great examples to follow why aren't you exercising what is in your control and moving there, rather than posting about naively idealistic 'if i ruled the world' on a forum here?
  16. These same countries that rely on a steady stream of expats coming in having been educated overseas at someone else's expense and will retire back overseas at someone else's expense. They're also protected by foreign military.
  17. Ad hom mate, try a bit harder to back up your assertions. Beyond the world would be awesome if we can keep all the infrastructure and everything that makes my life good but get someone else to pay for it. What country do you live in?
  18. Principalities and city states. Again they have a through put of ex pats and pay nothing for their education or retirement. Liechtenstein has a population of 38k half of which seem to work in banking which is a highly efficient and profitable industry. Imagine if half the jobs in the UK were in banking lol. You are comparing apples with chalk. There is mandatory health insurance... and abortion is illegal. Lovely place mate. Monaco is simply peckham on sea with the council houses sold off. People don't live there, they have a safety deposit box there. Find a country that doesn't import wealth and rely on expats (that are educated elsewhere at the expense of the tax payer). Those examples are terrible arguments to cut the state to nil.
  19. As if politics and budgets were not myopic enough. How would your local Councillor replace the nuclear deterrent? Or even set clean air quality standards? Negotiate with the EU? etc etc. I'm starting to think they should tax broadband.
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