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  1. They really mean how debt is allocated across society. Even then that suggests they can push on a string to get people to borrow more. People teams to decide that by themselves. Only of the people approaching the bank can the bank decide who gets that debt. Wealth is equity, not debt.
  2. All that does is point out they're still a deadweight loss to the UK. If they were spending in the uk it would have some offset but paying people to do nothing isn't good for the economy in the longer term. What's your argument without Spain?
  3. Thanks for the strawman. We're talking uk here. You seem to acknowledge though that they are a net drain on the UK wherever they live? If they've FO'd to Spain then they're not taking up a house nor are they taking a hospital bed. You also bifurcated the entire population of retirees into those young and costing very little and those older and choosing a good deal more.
  4. Cripes, you'll get yourself a Nobel Prize out you suggest making everyone retired. Imagine three economic benefits. 不不不不不不不不不不不不
  5. I get private healthcare as part of my contract and i actually have to pay the tax on that benefit. So i take demand away and am taxed more for the privilege. Next year it's cancelled and the tax money saved is being added to the increase in my pension contributions. Net result is less tax paid by me, better provision for my old age and more demand for health care.
  6. They released him from Guantanamo in 2018. Must have been on the cards a while.
  7. There was a Dr on TV earlier a year younger than me. A refugee from Afghanistan, he came here aged 13 with nothing. Worked hard, went to Cambridge to study medicine and now works for the NHS. I like to think I've done well but this guy made me feel like a lazy and underachieving muppet. Full respect to anyone that can do that starting from nothing.
  8. I was invited up to London for a lavish celebratory lunch next week but i will decline. I've never enjoyed travelling into London and certainly not when having to wear a mask on a train full of others. I think the reduction in footfall in London versus other cities tells me I'm not alone. What i am seeing is local market towns that were formerly commuting town are thriving as the people there are no longer travelling for work and spending their money locally. I'm not sure that will last forever but i think the pandemic accelerated what was always going to be an inevitable decline in high street shopping and office based working.
  9. People have only just realised they need somewhere to live? Or, is it part of the general price increase in second hand vehicles and a van boom negate people are converting them into campers? FWIW I'm seeing camper vans getting discounted now and i expect will see more of that as people realise this is a typical British summer and you'll be able to travel easily enough in the coming months (If you're validated at least). Around here houses are selling at the speed of light for prices i can't believe, new restaurants are opening up and doing a roaring trade.... I'd say things are looking up if a little inflationary.
  10. What is yes it is? Borrowing is a cost? Nope. You are stating that all borrowing relates to gov support for house prices.
  11. No it isn't. At all. Borrowing isn't a cost is the first thing to say. Borrowing is borrowing. What is the actual expense to the nation of supporting mad house prices?
  12. Is there any signal that the numbers are turning at all? Looks like tight supply and keen credit. I did see though that the South West lagging the South East which seems to be a change in trend. Maybe those buying up second homes or just moving out to the country are realising it's pretty boring after a couple of weeks and they miss the infrastructure.
  13. My main regret is not focusing on what i wanted to do education and career wise sooner. If i had is have graduated 2003 and probably been able to buy a house then. Instead it was 14 years later. I'd have half paid a mortgage in that time and not had general prices race away. All that said i don't see how 10% yoy can continue.
  14. So not an expense and not purely aimed at boosting the housing market?
  15. That US number of 3.99 includes West Virginia and the mid west. That's like comparing the average price/earning ratio of Europe. If you want a nice place then it's worse than that. Boston, Pennsylvania etc.... it is still cheaper.... but what's their healthcare as a % of their earnings? 2 weeks holiday a year! Longer hours. Sounds a riot. Colleague of mine over there has done very well. CFO of several tech firms that got acquired. He recently 'retired' but is basically taking another job for about 5 years because healthcare in your 50s is by far your biggest expense and state healthcare doesn't kick in until you're 63.
  16. What's MM? The point there was that I'm not drinking because I'm having a bad time, really the opposite in fact. Just drinking out of boredom. When we all got grounded first time around the booze aisle was gutted at several large supermarkets. Looked like scenes from the collapse of the USSR.
  17. Yep. I had four beers last night and barely felt a buzz. You just drink more and consume more calories for the same benefit. Gardening on the other hand i can't get enough of. I tend to get obsessed with things though being on the spectrum. Been exercise mad before, rowing, cycling, running and now gardening so might as well be obsessed with something healthy..... If only i could choose what obsesses me
  18. DMT is some good stuff. Always wondered about micro dosing mandy before a social. Mate of mine gets half drunk and then takes little bumps of ket and charlie. Disnt see the point until the next morning I'm hanging and he's right as rain.
  19. Anecdotally i was drinking more than ever for a chunk of it. More out of boredom to fill the gap rather than a 'solution' (I've been really lucky through out the pandemic being able to work from home and even getting promoted). Cut right back down again until this nice weather came along... rude not to have a couple of beers in the garden when it's this nice
  20. Yes but if you'd bought a house last year with even 25% down you'd have seen over 40% return on that equity and it's tax free. I am willing to bet the base rate won't be 2 to 2.75% higher in the next 3 years.
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