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  1. Yep. Think Labour in the late 90s. Give BoE independence to manage inflation but not how to measure inflation. Switching from RPI to CPI removed housing costs so the huge increase in prices remained outside of the BoE's scope.
  2. All good points, but China can be bigger than the USA with only a third USA GDP per capita. China has tricks up its sleeve too, giving a welfare cushion would stimulate domestic demand and reduce the savings ratio boosting consumption. You're right though, it's a well trodden path from farming to industrialisation to post industrialisation and easy to emulate but growth will slow as they converge.
  3. Russia, invading and occupying several territories without physical opposition. Also has arguably the strongest army in the world. China will become the biggest economy within a year or two. Even if the UK joined the USA China would overtake that in about 4 or 5 years. India is a mess because it's an enormous democracy. This is China's strength. Totalitarianism gets stuff done and quickly.
  4. 2500 a year? That's exceedingly good. I've had quotes from outsourcing firms four ten times that, in fact the price is so high that we ended up hiring locally globally rarer than central in India.
  5. Why do you need to when you can demonstrate that broader inflation is down? If 'something must be done' what about financial support to those 'hardworking familes' (and everyone else)? More money in other words.
  6. Why would you need to raise interest rates when the new measure of inflation is negative?
  7. Simple, you adjust the measure of inflation to include those asset prices. Back to RPI in other words.
  8. Good friend of mine is very early thirties. Owns a lovely 4 bed semi in a really nice part of the South East. He's done really well for himself (he and his wife both chartered accountants and have two kids). They're mortgage free in a couple of years. They keep looking at plots for their forever home but i think the closer they get to clearing their mortgage the less compelling it is to move. Another Friend lives in a mid terrace on the edge of Basingstoke and is finally trading up to a large detached house in Farnham.... quite a leap. I think for almost everyone a 3 bed semi is amp
  9. More importantly, when to sell them
  10. Worth a look, watch they don't rob your bank deposits again though. They've got form.
  11. Pretty sure shelter ranks high on the hierarchy of needs? The knock on economic impacts of moving house are pretty large, new furniture, decorating, trades people employed etc. To protect the nhs you need to protect tax revenue to an extent and that requires an economy. I also suspect that people need to move now more than ever. People in abusive relationships, people in horrible relationships dragging down their mental health. Etc etc.
  12. Those shares have intrinsic value though. They can be valued using a variety of methods. Bitcoin is a beautiful pyramid scheme.
  13. Haha, seems to be the way they'd spin it. Landlords on the other hand seem to have the sitting tenant Covid tax.
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