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  1. Nice find. The simple truth is buy to let buyers must outbid the owner occupiers to be successful. However marginal that rise in prices is, it's still a rise in prices. If there's a silver lining to all this it's btl brigade taking a kicking.
  2. It might not be applied to personal accounts but we have an entity in Denmark and started getting deductions from the bank account. When I inquired I was told it was the interest deduction. My reaction was to request the cashflow forecast and to move excess cash out of the country but others just shrugged and did nothing. So money in a bank account would eroded by inflation and fall nominally by interest deductions. So glad I did my economics degree pre GFC. They must be teaching something different these days.
  3. Let them eat guns, says Marie @Locke -twonette. No state interference = brilliant because everyone will act altruistically and still have perfect information because freedom innit. Definitely won't end up like Mad Max in Somalia. Plus if everyone has guns the government will be so scared of the people that they'll give them everything they need, including perfect information. All for free because all tax is theft and communist. Cretin rinsing aside. I don't really care about tariffs being removed as long as I know what I am eating and I think local regulations don't need to change, we just need to be certain about the source origin of the food we're importing. If our trading partners can't agree on that then tough, no free access and suffer lower sales volumes. Thanks for the link
  4. Labeling, tracking, guarantee of source. That sort of mundane stuff.
  5. Great post Nomadd. What the Shout of Nowt fails to see (and has failed to see for a jolly long time) is the weighting of averages by a few very expensive places selling for way less than they're 'worth' and the fact that property markets...... all property markets... are local. Blokes an absolute broken clock. Will one day be right but monetary policy is not loosening any time soon and frankly money is soooooooo cheap that inflation is paying off my mortgage. Meanwhile Shouty McCountface jumped to France, bought a 'cheap' house (not realising they're cheap for a reason) and is now well and truly stuck there. Just ask him how long that place had been on the market when he bought it.
  6. I'm with you. Imagine waking up next to each other 😂 Preferable to this though.
  7. We got an interest bill from the Danish bank for our Danish subsidiary. 40k DK Because we have a lot of money deposited!
  8. Woodford's funds are 'long' only meaning that he's betting on increases. However, like i said earlier in this thread, he's been 'wrong' before when he avoided tech in the 90s and got it off banks in the mid naughties. Maybe he's been lucky and he's finally out of road but who knows? Investors are fickle asy the end of the day and nobody should be surprised when withdrawal restrictions are placed on funds that include illiquid assets. The other side of this is worth looking at too. Remember when Brown announced to the world he would dispose of gold bullion giving everyone plenty of notice? They refer to that near 40 year low as the 'Brown Bottom'. If people are aware of what Woodford has to sell they'll sell it too, not buy it when they were going to or short it. Upshot is a collapse in price of the stuff he holds.
  9. He's actually got an incredible track record. The last time he was 'wrong' was the build up too the financial crisis. The time he was 'wrong' before that was the dotcom bubble when he avoided it all so looked crap while everyone went up and then back down. However, My money is in the fund he used to manage with Invesco Perpetual. Running your own firm and desk of analysts with a different strategy is something else. Don't suppose he gives a f*** though. 59 And a multi millionaire.
  10. That good old saying: "My house is your pension" Smells a little of MIRAS by the back door if they allow the tax relief to be maintained on withdrawal for a deposit?
  11. You're pathetic attempt at a put down? Well done on your level of argument. Addressed all the issues logically and in order with structure. 🤣 I'm glad i don't matter. You wouldn't waste your time if i did.
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