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  1. FWIW often they just make noise about this and the market reacts as though they did something. Beautiful thing this forward guidance. Eventually though there really is a wolf and it's raise our get eaten. For now though all that matters is that the people believe rates will rise if they need to.
  2. Fingers crossed she's also fine whichever one she gets.
  3. Yeah that's right. Leavers denying a choice to others... there's a big wide world outside of that useless EU. Perhaps you'd rather still be in there and waiting for your jab? That 'Brexshit' vaccine is likely the one to save the planet and certainly the one for vaccine diplomacy. How do you expect to get your magnificent EUSSR vaccine into sub Saharan Africa? Or even vast swathes of India? Lol.
  4. Good to know. I'm feeling like most people are fine but you just hear about those who get a rough time afterwards. I had a round of travel boosters last year (how naive lol) and had a dull achy arm and feeling of jusy not 100%. Wouldn't have registered it other than thinking it must have been relating to the jabs. Certainly better than a round of typhoid or diphtheria though.
  5. I'm sure all three are up nationally but yet here we are. Need forced sellers... where are they? What needs to happen to create them? Fwiw I'm expecting higher than target inflation in the short term but it'll fall back in a couple of years so no major action would be taken by BoE.
  6. Ah yes. Though I'd have to say the statistics show higher efficacy and lower incidence of side effects with pfizer but basically it seems no different to ibuprofen or paracetamol for your hangover.
  7. Oh no, not Tom off Twitter.... Spoke to my GP sisinlaw yesterday about my vaccine concerns. She got her first dose while heavily pregnant and basically said you could very well be fine if and when you catch covid but then went on to talk about covid patients having amputations etc. Doing nothing has more risk for most people than not. After a wobble last week about thinking i might not get jabbed because of possible side effects I'm back into the get jabbed camp and I'm not fussed about which one i get either. I'd encourage everyone to spend more time reading about how c
  8. Is it documented anywhere that the intention of the lifelong interest was to be 18 months ish? If she's on the hook up maintain the place might be worth trying to find things she needs to do.... expensive things..... disruptive things. Not a nice situation but if it were me I'd make her my new hobby. But I'm a bit of a c u next Tuesday tbh.
  9. Amazing! Finance cones down to commission plans. If oily boy doesn't get paid enough for shifting the car for cash he's going to hold out for a finance buyer. My view would be to get a discount in return for finance and then pay it off anyway. Oily boy gets his dosh and effectively shares a bit of it with you.
  10. Nice one Sausage. Pleased you're happy with your decision. I have loved doing all the work to my place and then you love it even more afterwards. Is a great feeling. Congrats on the purchase and on the LL victory 👍🏻
  11. The thing about history is there's always more of it. Upon twice dissolving the Reichstag in 1932, Hindenburg ultimately agreed to appoint Hitler as Chancellor of Germany in January 1933 when the Nazis won a plurality in the November elections. In response to the Reichstag Fire allegedly committed by Marinus van der Lubbe, he approved the Reichstag Fire Decree in February 1933 which suspended various civil liberties. Later in March, he signed the Enabling Act of 1933 which gave Hitler's regime emergency powers. After Hindenburg died the following year, Hitler combined the Presidency with
  12. Cool so i missed it........ Where is it? The government applies noise limits and sweets out what behaviour is acceptable. All this does is move the burden from the police of trying to prove the protestors causing the problem were told to disperse (current law) to the protestors knowing their behaviour is not acceptable in advance of their actions (new law). Absolutely nowhere is it the case that the right to protest is removed nor that the government can pick and choose one protest over another.
  13. Ok, so for that to happen a protest must be taking place so there is no threat to the right to protest. I guess it's like saying the introduction of speed limits are banning people from driving when all they're doing is introducing some restrictions to make everyone better off. The point of a protest isn't to cause a nuisance it's to raise awareness and signal you are against something. I have taken a look at the bill and absolutely nowhere does it say the police or government or home secretary can decide who gets to protest. I must have missed it. Could you take another pass at it
  14. We are aligned... but then we've not taken the Hippocratic oath..... that's the issue i think. Ask are equal under the nhs
  15. The most efficient way to cut carbon emissions is a cap and trade system and credits system. If i build a new home out of wood to sequester carbon and replant those trees then I've sort of done the world a favour so i get a credit, but maybe the cement or steel plant can't actually do without dirty energy for right now so they get a tax bill. Implementation is a faff though.
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