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    Sell if you can get the price you want, dont hold your breath though, theres loads of flats being built and just coming on the market in Douglas so there could be a glut, just a quick drive around Douglas reveals lots of construction and with many closed hotels converting to flats could flood the market. I would carry on renting in NI until the land registry publishes two months of property rises and then only if you have a very safe job - is any job safe I ask! Intersesting that an ASDA in NI is in the top four of all Walmart stores takings and reading the press today Tesco tills in NI a
  2. Halifax/HBOS or now Lloyds TSB Quarterly Isle of Man price index: "We have not issued any data for Isle of Man for Q1-2009 due to a low sample sizes." Thank you Group Economics So it seems very few buyers on the island have made any figures unreliable, property sales are almost at a standstill. I think sellers still think their property is worth millions, they are in denial and prices will have to drop 50% before I consider buying. Those 100+ jobs that HSBC culled in Douglas could be just the start in the financial sector here and will in the end feed into house repossessions on the isl
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