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  1. Thanks for the reply. There is someone else in for the house, though id prefer not to give too much away online The price has been negotiated already to the point where they is no more movement, have tried v v hard on that. It would take a year to fund the moveing in costs, which have carefully be planned. I change my mind 20 times a day, saying its a crazy thing to do, then the other side of the coin i personally dont think anything else will come up which is perfect for us and you only live once (something in my head saying dont let this go)
  2. There is a twist to this. In a sentence. Ive fell in love with a house and have done for 2-3 months. (ive been looking going on 12-18 months) Its the only house we would be prepared to move into and as per previous topic, i am a cash buyer The house fits all out needs perfectly, perfect country setting, set on a 1 acre site, really nice house. I can buy the house for cash now at just a smidge over RTV Heres the twist Its a bare shell and we dont have enough money to move into it until Next summer. Stupid? Mad? Go for it because you love it and will be liveing there for 15-20 years and bring up our family in it? Thought appreciated , good or bad.
  3. Im also in the same boat, FTB, with a big cash deposit 'been saveing hard for years' and not about to give it away cheaply As the previous poster said, we only get one shot at this being a FTB with mostly cash. I almost bought at the height of the market, the house was £180k, recently sold for £90k, exactly 50% For 180k now we are looking at houses twice the size with big big gardens and much better locations. The only house i will move for now is if its perfect and underpriced by atleast 5-10% or i rate at very good value But saying all that, im getting very very itching feet right now.
  4. Im going to look at a new build house tomorrow, its only at 1st fix and needs a alot of work doing Needs electric brought to the house, needs plumbed, septic tank, basically everything Garden also needs landscaped, its a mess No skirting boards on, no doors, no bathrooms, kitchen etc etc Im going to offer 60k less then they want, its on at 210k, i know they ran out of money. They can take it or leave it, thats if i like the house at all Im guessing it will take 50-60k to finish it to a good standard
  5. Owners need to get their heads out of the clouds really. We are FTB's with a 60%-70% cash deposit and sellers wont budge on prices Dont like saying it but they might be glad of those offers in 6-12 months time if/when interest rates rise
  6. I today offered £200k on a property which was up for sale at £249,950 offers The vendor turned it down flat and arent willing to move anything on the asking price, not even a few thousand quid apparently On to the next one i guess RTV is 170,000 by the way and it has dropped from 300k to 265k to 249,950
  7. Anyone spot a bargain in the up comming thursday night Mallusk auction? Just checked the RTV on a random one, good saving. http://www.wilsonsauctions.com/property_mallusk.asp 24 castle court cookstown 75k RTV 105k http://lpsni.gov.uk/vListDCV/propertydetails.asp?di=11&dn=Cookstown+District+Council&wi=0000000368&wn=Killymoon&si=0000004506&sn=Castle+Court&display=732311&rn=24
  8. Actually was just looking at that house 2 minutes ago on the burns website at £1,000,000 quids, wasnt looking to buy lol i wish Hadnt noticed it on the templeton robinson website. Now thats a drop and a half alright. Its actually offers around £725,000 NOT £795,000 A fall of £325,000
  9. How come there are practically zero property auctions in N Ireland, ok we have wilsons every now and again, but there are very few houses on those auctions and alot of them abroad, germany and the likes What happens to all the repo's? Are they listed with EA's without buyers knowing that they have been repossesed?
  10. Hi, sorry to be a numpty, what does EPC + D mean?
  11. Nice house in the cookstown area just dropped from £335000 to offers £250000 RTV £270000 http://www.propertypal.com/161-orritor-road-cookstown/44325
  12. Im not very 'up' on these things, still learning ALOT. How about buying a 2 bed groundfloor flat for £60k, also for cash, which has a tennent getting £90 per week rent. I dont own my own home by he way. Im sure there is some massive stupid point i am missing.
  13. Can i ask how/why you bought a BTL but didnt buy your own home, or was it orginally your own home and you are now renting it out and renting yourself until the market gets back to 'normal?
  14. Just out of interest, does anyone here own a BTL property but dont own their own house and are currently renting also?
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