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  1. Last thing I'd be doing is laughing at him whilst you're still living there... doesn't sound like the nicest place to live at the moment. He probably is just an ordinary bloke trying to the do the best he can, but if it all does come crashing down, do you really want to be in the middle of it all? Might only take a couple of days to move, but its still a couple of days of chaos. Is 540pcm including all your bills as well?
  2. Fair play, but can I ask a genuine question? And its not a precursor to another rant, just interested to know. Why do you find your LLs situation amusing?
  3. Not sure if I can face looking in the dictionary again, my head is still spinning with that anagonistic word. I take it 'apparently' isn't another word for wrong then? Fully aware I've been rude and agressive towards you, and you're obviously not on your own assuming what you have... fortunately though I'm just another nut job who doesn't contribute much and has a strange view of respect, so it really isn't anything to worry about. Reading it back though, its a tad hypocritical of me to bang on about respect to you, then verbably launch at you, so for what it is worth, I apologise.
  4. No, but it was when I gained a p!ss poor attitude, a bad temper and access to the internet. Does that count?
  5. So you're assuming I'm young, I'm holding onto property and I have a boss? Well done you for selling up and running two businesses, I wish I'd been as smart as you a few years ago. Imagine where I'd be today if I'd done the same.
  6. LOL what where you saying about assumptions again? Got to love the way you assume I own property... I no longer own zip, nadda, nothing. My days of renting/owning property out came to end 5 years ago and I've no intention of getting back into it. So go on, assume away my reasons now... it'll entertain you for a few minutes at the very least. Now anagonistic is a very interesting word, I shall look that one up whilst I'm not contributing too much to the forum.
  7. Wow, now there is an attitude we can all take to heart and enjoy... feck the landlord... just move on and enjoy the long lasting joke! Oh how we'll all laugh!
  8. Oh, I'm sorry, did I not think of that... how plain feckin stupid of me! You're assuming that I didn't assume that you didn't make assumptions that I would assume that you didn't assume in the first place. You converse an aweful lot with your landlord, just a shame you don't have any level of respect for him or you wouldn't have posted what you have would you? Now crawl back to your rented space and enjoy being smug for a while... you never know, you might win the lottery on Saturday!
  9. Deposit of 35%, property at £60k, what are you worried about? Thats a realistic price, a good chunk in deposit to keep the mortgage payments down... you could probably afford the mortgage on the dole! As long as you have a semi-reasonable job you're laughing! Good on you though and enjoy your new home.
  10. No, I think you will find that irony is when he can't afford to pay the banks for the difference and you lose your home. Warning your landlord and recieving the silent treatment is one thing, but warning you landlord without making preparations in case he becomes unstuck is plain feckin stupid.
  11. Finally a Question Time with an audience who weren't drowned in apathy... not seen reactions like that in a long time. And is it just me, or is that the only Question Time that could have happened where the chief of McDs here in the UK doesn't get a hard time and is applauded again and again? Beckett knows her number is up, so she was pushing it to see what would happen... the Tory woman (don't know her name) looked like she was wetting her knickers all the way through it and good old Ming, I reckon he's essentially an honest guy who let it all go to his head when he led the Lib Dems. I don't think Dave was as pushy or questioning as he should have been... a few times he should have nailed Beckett and given her less scope to wriggle out of it with whatever bs answer she could come up with. And what was Beckett on about... GB suggested changes to the expenses a long long time ago????? What? A fortnight is now an eternity for this woman?
  12. Funny you say that... usually have a bottle of wine of an evening, but my wife's very close to having our 2nd baby, so I've quit... not touched a drop all week. Saying that, do feel strongly that things are getting too complicated with not only the rental market, but virtually everything we say and do in our day to day. Also seen this scenario from both sides of the fence... very easy to paint any LL as a villan, even with the loosest of reasons (although the LL old fashioned methods of running a household aren't exactly helping people see her as reasonable)... but these days seems the tenant can do no wrong. Not sure I'm in the right country sometimes.
  13. If I were Basil Fawlty I'd now be beating my car with a birch branch, but I'm not and thats pretty much the response I expected... write some letters, stir some cr@p and generally make a mountain out of a molehill instead of settling things amicably. Kind of weird how people complain about the how complicated things are in this country, but then promote complications for the sake of it... would it not make more sense to try discussing it first and save the scribbles... for the sake of 4 weeks what you're suggesting is excessive and reads as everything that is wrong with the way we now conduct ourselves. No doubt I'm viewed as a nut job for stating my views as I am, and as no one else seems that bothered, like I said before... screw the LL to the wall, it'll make everyone have a warm glow and feel happy with themselves.
  14. No issues, just tired of listening to the type of cr@p you've just written. And at what point did I say the LL was being normal about it? Stated straight away she's overboard with the rules and is being overzealous. So go on guys... tell me exactly what you reckon should happen to this evil slum LL... now you've assumed every way that she is disregarding her tenants, how she's keeping them in a hovel, I'd really like to hear what you think should be done. And yes, I know I sound like Basil Fawlty... "This is exactly how Nazi Germany started!"
  15. The LL has perfect rights to the public/communal areas of the house. And if the internet is in the communal area, of course she has the right to use it if she wishes. Reading up on some of the Ps and Qs of the HMO rules and regs, its no wonder this country is full of little sh!ts... theres a difference between what is right and what is 'within the rules' Bo!!ocks to it though, you're right... screw the LL to the wall for being overprotective... thats the best way of dealing with it. Got to love taking a sledge hammer to crack a nut routines... nowt left of the nut to eat, but at least you cracked the shell, eh! All starts within someone who can't bothered to put a jumper on, but why should we give a fvck about that... best to follow the rules to the letter, cause a load of fuss and be as pedantic as possible about the situation.
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