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  1. +1 - we have those already, they're called restaurants and cafes. Don't bring kids to a pub.
  2. I thought the same thing - also now we're on to charts can we get one comparing the pub pint price to the supermarket equivalent over the last 10 years?
  3. I used to visit pubs fairly recently. Since the smoking ban I'll only go to a pub with a garden - not many of those in London. Same goes for clubs. Needless to say I no longer visit either very often any more. The smoking ban is killing culture. But that's probably what the government wants. I would add that a much larger % of people in pubs were smokers than the % of the general population that are. Have people forgotten smoking/non smoking areas? Why not just make at least one non-smoking room mandatory? Don't you think we'd be better off with strong ventilation than a group of smokers you have no choice but to walk through going in or out of an establishment? That might do something about the pervasive smell off piss in these places too. No common sense these days, just a bunch up uptight anti-tobacco jerks who like to make themselves feel superior to their fellow man.
  4. agreed, particularly as there are several terrible ailments specifically treatable by marijuana where no legal substance will do the trick (glaucoma, eating disorders, pain, certain cancers) Brits seem happy to throw away their liberties
  5. standard scenario = {6 months rent of employed person}>housing allowance
  6. Give grass back to the farmers and make them profitable again! Legalise and Regulate! Oh how I long for organic marijuana ^.^
  7. Maybe web forums are filling some of the void, but personally having been inside a pub twice since the smoking ban (the pub garden doesn't count ) I would say more people have resorted to roaming the streets and 'loitering'
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