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  1. Countrywide statement People may have seen this bullish [rearrange ish and add a T] attempt at looking better after their pathetic half year results - reads to me like they are well and truly still in the brown stuff. I have certainly seen their begging messages for more property in my local rag Oh yes .... and their share price is down 21.50 a few moments ago, that's 5.67% against an overall FTSE drop of around 1.5%
  2. HIM: Nothing is selling. Everybody wants ridiculous prices and no one is prepared to reduce. Worse, we have got so many houses to let and nobody who wants to rent them ... HIM: It's not that easy. Some people are just being greedy and stupid ... HIM: ... I think one or two firms are going to go bust soon. Great stuff Masked Tulip!!! to back up your story [and the bits I've left in the quote] here's some REAL statistics. I have searches saved on Rightmove and Primelocation which cover all the EAs in my area [Midlands] apart from 3 crappy tiddlers. The searches cover all houses from £200k -
  3. Following their recent headlines about prices coming down just had a look at the express website to see it their was a contact box rather than me revealing my e-mail address [work and all that!!] but no joy - anyone else able to e-mail them the URL for this string and point out a nice juicy justification for their recent headline????!!!! news.desk@express.co.uk
  4. Do they have a contact field on their website - perhaps they should be invited to comment here on our forum ?? !!
  5. yeah but its bloody funny as well !!!!
  6. QUOTE FROM THE C4 STRING: Foxtons EA New Member Posted 21-08-05 15:13 I can advise you I am actively telling sellers to reduce their prices below the lowest in their location or I won't even contemplate taking on the property. The only way this market is going to get moving again is to get the prices down fast to realistic and affordable levels. I laid off 35 staff last week with more in the pipeline, we have cut back on advertising and are even e-mailing property details to customers to keep costs down. This market is falling around us and I can't really see how it will stop. Acc
  7. Whilst I'm not all convinced its time to move out of my rental I watch things locally and have 5 [the maximum] area searches set up with Rightmove whereby they send me e-mails on new properties. I find that more and more the e-mails I get are about places back on the market and ones moving to new EAs at lower prices. I also run these saved searches daily [you can spot the other reductions that don't trigger the e-mail] and when doing so I also make a quick note of the total properties each search returns - this tells me that about 60% of the biggest EAs [all the Contrywides] in my area sell a
  8. My cousin lives down there [he's an HPC watcher] and says Winchester is a nightmare because of bl**dy commuters coming out of LOndon and ramping up prices - hometrack report has winchester as most expensive city in the country for 4 bed houses. Apparently its cheaper in Southampton and he says that there is quite a bit of dropping happening. Check out reports on there from Deano in this part of the forum, that's who my cousin looks for.
  9. I don't live in Oxford so not really interested but I think your friend has the same single problem that has kept a lot of houses on the market where I live and that's the size of the third bedroom - very small. If someone is going to pay more than a quarter of million £s for a house [lets remind ourselves what it really is] then they are going to want THREE bedrooms, not 2 plus a box. When people look at houses they will also think about "can I sell this later?" so if something hasn't sold now, will they be able to sell it later? looks a very nice property but the bedroom sizes would put me
  10. I think the very best thing you could do is post a link to this forum then these people might forget all the nice curtains crap and market their houses at realistic prices. Please do and then post us a link to see their reactions!!!! [then send a copy to the Daily Express to support their recent headline !!!! ]
  11. well I'd go tell him to put his £65k where the sun don't shine !! He has obviously picked up on the fact that you are very interested in the house and could well have invented the other buyer. Tell him you will give him £60k max and take it or leave and then walk away - if there is another buyer let them be ripped off. The danger of going more than this is you may well find when you go for a mortgage that your lender values to lower than the asking price - it sounds like he is trying to rip you or someone else off having said all that, I'd actually wait while yet to buy, there are too many
  12. Estate Agency News and with the latest Countrywide figures look at the link on this site that shows the league table of the largest estate agents the bigger they are .........
  13. a mate saw a property that looked empty with a for sale sign and a to let sign in the front garden. he asked the EA about and the chain had bust after they moved out. he put in an offer 15% below the asking and the EA said "they are seriously thinking about it" if you like the place and there's a chance of getting them by the ba*** then squeeze - big time!
  14. if you think that's bad - my mate down south told me about this one - the 3 bedrooms is wrong by the way ..... Old church - no garden but a graveyard you don't own
  15. I saw a report a few month's ago [Hometrack out something like that] which had a table comparing on a national and regional basis the asking price and the achieved price - the overall average, with little variation was 93%. However, if you are an FTB and therefore cash buyer you are going to be "quite attractive". I am renting at the moment and expect, if I ever buy again, to take off at least 10%. On top of that general rule I'd also look at individual properties and watch for those desperate to sell - its on with 2 or 3 EAs or it comes back on the market after the chain breaks down, there a
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