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  1. That southern woman IS Glenn Close from Fatal Attraction And the northern bloke's earning good money considering it's a proven fact shortarses earn less
  2. Move. Away. From. London. And. The. South. East MAFLATSE I'm surprised that southern couple only earn 50k between them. Surely that's after tax or some other thing, they just look richer than me, but me and my wife bring in nearer 60k. Maybe I'm just naturally scruffy or something. Actually the northern couple look better off than me as well, maybe other people are just good at scrubbing up - my son is usually covered in snot and at the moment i have white emulsion in my hair, nathan barley stylee
  3. Just get the tenants to do the maintenance http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-stoke-staffordshire-14092572 Nicely sorted
  4. Trying to reduce any set of figures to one representative number is always going to be problematic, instead use some data visualisation - geographic, numeric and abstract - and show as much of the actual data as you can
  5. As said, this is an effect of outsourcing all the minimum wage jobs like dinner ladies, road sweeping and refuse collection to pribic companies. What's the figure for the average wage in the true private sector compared with wages wholly funded by public sector money. I bet the second one would be lower. With what's left you're just finding teachers, policemen and doctors get paid more than you'd get on the till at tesco's, well, durrrr...........
  6. we sold ours off gorgie road in 2006 for 92k, when the average drops back below that then it's a proper correction in my view (in 2007 they peaked at about 120k, mental money, suddenly next door's flat was worth a third more for the same space for no apparent reason)
  7. 'course people on here share your view, it's basically morphed from a site about "when will house prices get more reasonable" to a gathering point for the lunatic fringe of the conservative party.
  8. yeah, hard working wealth creators don't have time to fill internet fora with posts all day long do they
  9. Except they ceased to be private sector jobs when the government bought half the bank because the private sector wealth creators ******ed up so spectacularly. They're now part of the pribic sector. This is what HPC types want isn't it, cutting the fat from the bloated public sector and its many tentacles?
  10. "-1.1% YoY - Spring bounce well under way then..." ???, unless spring happens at different times every year, any seasonal fluctuations are smoothed out in a year on year measure
  11. Nah, I live in Scotland. Feeling solidarity with the striking workers nevertheless.
  12. If the oxbridge caveat holds, iit's because it's more who you know after emerging from those places that gets you a job rather than just having the degree. For instance, anecdotal uff uff uff, I know a PhD in biological sciences from oxford, came from a standard middle-class background, very bright, but not having an 'in' now works at at £25,000 level job for a local council The old polys might do better out of this than you'd think, because they still tend to teach vocational degrees targeted at jobs and many do year-long placements as part of their courses. Not many teach the more "degree for the sake of it" subjects like classics or languages that used to get chinless wonders into the civil service
  13. ******** (apart from the superior being bit), it's been bad for the private sector for about 3 or 4 years, which is when I've started seen things go tits up for people. Is it 14 years to make it 1997 to fit in nicely with the "it's all labour's fault" mantra?
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