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  1. It all depends if you shop around and know how to use offers and deals to get into places for far less. We went to Legoland last week. It cost £16 for 1 Parent + Toddler,£2 for Parking and the other adult we used Tesco Deals so that was free. We popped to Morrisons on the way and bought lunch for about £10. So that was about £30 all in. Next week we are going to Colchester Zoo all with Tesco Deals. So that will just cost us Petrol and lunch from the supermarket. 3 weeks time we are going to Diggerland on the way to Holiday in Cornwall and this again we are using Tesco Deals. Granted it is not as easy to get so many Tesco points but there are still ways. Recycling of Printer Cartridges is the best way at the moment. Buy 100 empty Cartridges for about £80 on ebay. This equates to £100 of vouchers, convert this to deals and that is £400 to spend on days out for £80 outlay.
  2. I love the way they had money to buy a nice big flat screen TV and a couple computers and his internet subscription but didnt think to even sell them or not buy them to start with to get something done with the house. When the chips are down you have to make sacrifices to get it sorted. I'm sure in those 2/3 years he could of bought a bag of plaster and at least attempted to sort the son with Asthmas room.
  3. I've just got a new Laguna which can hold 70 litres but the most I have put in so far is 35 Litres in one go. There is one main reason and it's possible that most people are the same. Petrol/diesel weighs something. If the car weighs more then the fuel economy is less. Whats the point of carrying 35kg+ in your car of something you've paid for to pay more for that thing you've paid for?
  4. Most of the ones I have dealt with are plain rude and useless but you have no choice if they are the only ones with the houses in the area you are looking. My most recent favourite was a viewing we went to. After waiting outside for 15 minutes I rang them to ask where they were and they proceeded to tell me I had cancelled the viewing!! I asked why would I be standing outside the house if I'd cancelled it. She then told me the house had gone! I was fuming and it basically meant they deleted any viewings from the diary and wait till we ring them rather than the other way round. Just common courtesy was needed.
  5. Its an utter joke where I used to live. We rented our place privately and they re-roofed all the council houses so we could see which places were privately owned and which were not. I'm paying the going rate for renting a 3 bed house and drive a 10 year old car. Guy next door is paying his council rates for a near identical house and driving a nice new Audi!! I get told I earn to much to get into the system but he must earn just as much but is given the opportunity to have more disposable income. This says to me something is not right about the system and I'm glad the Government are trying to do something about it.
  6. bobothebear


    Our place we are in was furnished and we've stored a lot of the crap or given it back as we had all our own stuff,but we did leave the single bed in our sons room, He is still in his cot. But we've both slept on this bed and the mattress which was brand new in its packet is awful and very cheap. It supports your weight fine but the springs really dig into you. I will have no qualms in asking to chuck the hunk of junk when my son needs to sleep on a proper bed. If the LL buys rubbish that they clearly would not sleep on themselves why should you have to. The double bed/mattress they left was also brand new and weighed nothing, it could be thrown around it was that poor quality(Its now being stored in my nans garage) Whilst our king size mattress weighs a ton and needs 2 people to move it.
  7. My Girlfriend thought it was a stupid idea when I thought of it, I wrote a letter unbeknown to her and posted it through the letterbox addressed to the owners. Eventually we got contacted by the LA and I got £50 off the rent as they had originally ignored me originally asking for a reduction. In my case the LLs are very old so cant manage it themselves. You have nothing to lose and lots to save by doing it. My brother is a LL and said he would bite off someones arm if they were to do that.
  8. Chuck Petrol on the nest, Whack it off the wall with a spade and set light to it. Then Run like the wind
  9. My house i've now been in a month was very old fashioned and we got the rent knocked down abit and permission to redecorate any rooms in neutral colours. This was perfect for us as we got to make the house how we wanted. I just bought the paint and took the hit myself but if you look around you can get good paint very cheap. We went to QD and they had some Dulux hardwearing paint for £4 a can. They also had coloured Dulux once gloss for £2 a can. In B&Q we got a 10 litre tin of Crown Magnolia emulsion for £12 I got some Dulux White Gloss reduced in Homebase from £16 to £7 nd finally some Magnolia Satinwood reduced from £9 to £4. I think in total i've spent less than £50 but had enough paint to do 3 bedrooms,a big lounge,a kitchen and a bathroom! As others have said take lots of photos of any dirt and knocks and the general state of what each room looks like.
  10. I didn't. I just put the letter through the letterbox of the house I wanted to rent addressed to "the owners". I did this on the premise that at some point they would visit the house to see if they had any mail. I basically took a punt and it paid off.
  11. I'll give my story on this very topic and it worked out for me. We couldn't really afford a 3 bed place in the town we wanted to move to but I kept telling my partner to have faith in me and we'd get somewhere it just may take a little longer. After seeing many many dumps we finally found somewhere we liked but it was out of our budget. My partner was getting down because she said we'd never find somewhere to move that we could afford, so in my wisdom I wrote a nice letter to the owner asking them if they'd be interested in letting the property privately and popped it through the letter box. A few days later I got a call from the LA enquiring about my letter!! I explained to them we liked the house but just couldn't afford it and my offer was originally refused by the LA. This time the LA was very helpful and said he'd put forward my offer to the LL. They accepted immediately and we had got our house at a price we could afford!! We had nothing to lose and I wish I'd done it months earlier when we found somewhere else we liked.
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