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  1. A few questions from someone who is relatively new to the area and probably doesn't appreciate the nuances of what is considered Hale "proper" and "wanabee" Hale. Can some explain the perimeter roads of Hale proper? i.e. is it only the roads around the cafe/bars? What about further out like Hale Road towards Delahays Road, the estate where WellGreen Primary is situated and also Sandleigh Avenue/drive? Is Halebarns the less prestigious brother of Hale? I've been down High Elm Road and it looks quite nice around there. Anyone live around there? Is it a pleasent place to live? How is Elm Ridge
  2. Thanks to everyone for their insight and advice. Much appreciated. I'm looking at Hale specifically because of the schools. After reseaching the various schools in the area, I'd like to be in the catchment area for WellGreen Primary on Briony Avenue and also (in a few years time) Altrincham Boys Grammar. So although I know I'll get more for my money away from Hale (Sale/Timperely/etc) I'm kinda constrained with the catchment area(s). In terms of budget, I could stretch to about £270K I don't want to spend more than £250K. A few weeks ago I had a look at some houses around the Grove Lane &a
  3. Just came across this site and I’m finding it extremely useful. My personal situation is that I moved up from Birmingham to start a new job in Altrincham 4 months ago. I stay in a B&B during the week and would like to move the wife and kids up. I have been looking around the area and would like to buy something in Hale. I’m looking for a 3-bed semi and have been monitoring the prices but they don’t seem to be coming down. Are prices in Hale stubbornly high in your opinion? Or have they come down recently? Are they likely to come down at all (or further)? What’s a “reasonable” price to p
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