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    I am just baffled re this house which was sold for 621 k last year, in need of renovation. Now it is under offer with asking price of 950k!! From the photos you can tell no work has been done on it since last year. http://www.rightmove.co.uk/property-for-sale/property-15963210.html
  2. Apolgies typing error , it was sold at 621 last year ie2009.
  3. We saw this house last year when it was on the market for 650K(down from 675K). the house sold for 621K in August 2001(from land registry data).The link is http://www.rightmove.co.uk/property-for-sale/property-15963210.html Now the house has been put on again (after being cleared of some rubbish which was in it before ( and just that, no extra work done on it). The new price is 950K for a 3 bedroom house not 4 as it says in the advert ! Hard to believe that someone expects that much of a profit after having done nothing to the property at all.
  4. There was a house in sw19 we saw last week marked at a very reasonable price but in need of a lot of renovation. At the viewing the agent informed us that they were looking for cash byers only, the reason being that it was a bank repposessed property and they wanted a quick sale. Surely that must limit their byers to the developers or the few people who do have cash for the property as well as to do it up later.
  5. Hi again, We called an estate agent today regarding a 3/4 bedroom house in sw18 (2 bedrooms were 9x5 and 7.4x5.4) in need of complete renovation with asking price of 500k. I asked if the vendors would be flexible with the price and was told that it was a very realistic price with no chance of any reduction.When I mentioned another similar house on the same street which was sold for 400k in March this year I was informed that the prices have risen since then and this is now the current value.I questioned the alleged 25% rise in prices in the last few months and was told I was finding holes and had upsetted the agent! So basically you cannot ask regarding the pricing strategy of the agents without upsetting them! Or the strategy is to just put on25% on the last sold price.
  6. fentanyl2

    Cheeky Offer

    Where abouts are you making these kind of offers?We have tried a few times in SW london-no success yet.
  7. Yes, I agree with your experience of Andrews. They were one of the worst agents that we have dealt with-even worse than Foxtons. The thing to note that when asked to quantify how they have valued the house they break into a monologue of their experience in the market.
  8. Thanks for the responses.The link is http://www.andrewsonline.co.uk/buying-sell...s.aspx?ID=51637
  9. Hi, We just made an offer of 490k on a house on the market for 665k (since 4-5 months) in sw18.It was a four bedroom house made into three as they converted one of the bedrooms to a family bathroom (the original one being so small it can just about accomodate a shower).We took into account the prices in the area for 3 bedroom houses and had a 25%cut from it. The estate agent was very upset and angry at our offer and said our perspective of looking at the market is not right and we should price it as 4 and not a 3 bedroom house and then price it.I just told him if it is a 4 bedroom then he should advertise it as such and then see the response.
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