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  1. Thanks!!! Can you clarify by what do u mean when u say Ashford is not so nice... Any comments about Sunbury l!!!
  2. Any opinion about Ashford near Staines anyone... Schools,law and order!!!
  3. Thanks... I plan to initiate my search from X'mas holidays!!! ,dont want to oay more than 250 and Schools and M4 access is a priority ...So looks like Marlborough road seems good for M4 access but any idea about schools there
  4. @OzzMosiz thanks for your quick reply.. For me 3 things matter in that order 1. Good secondary and Pri school 2.Quick Access to M4 3. Chavfree,peaceful,clean Have been living in West london for last 4 years paying 1200 rent pm..so think its time to take a plunge..
  5. So what's the latest stuff happening in Swindon!!! I am thinking of moving here as my office moves to Newbury so quick access to M4 is important... Looking for a 4 bed semi under 250 believe for this budget old town is ruled out or is it ???? probably SN25??? Near the orbital shopping centre?? any other nice areas need to have good schools sec& pri both ... Any suggestions/comments about suitable locations in and around Swindon welcome..
  6. So what other areas in the vicinity are better in terms of schools... the schools are substandard compared to other areas nearby.
  7. ajex


    Well 12 k is drop hardly 5%.... Long way to go... cheers Ajex
  8. VF slowly leaving Newbury to separate Global and UK organisations. About 250 staff including the top hotshots have moved to Paddington office from Newbury last month. Add to that Vodafone let go approx 500 people in April.. If this continues the house price and rentals are going to hit a rock bottom in the near future?? Ajex
  9. What is the school situation in Bracknell??? Primary and secondary? Any pointers welcome.. cheers ajex
  10. I recommend waiting for few months more and consider Osterley/Isleworth rather than Hounslow.. cheers Ajex
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