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  1. Ladies and gentlemen I give you this beast: http://www.rightmove.co.uk/property-for-sale/property-27852703.html What we have here shows the lunacy we find ourselves a part of. One room. Above a shop. For £120,000 of the queen's pounds. For those of you with property bee (and if you haven't got it, what kind of bear are you!?) feel free to browse the ongoing horror show that is the back story of this broom cupboard. Can anyone beat that...? BFC
  2. -.5!!! I think the spokesman just said construction down 3.6% but only half caught if. He's blagging and talking about statistical reliability and revisions. Jesus, this is huge...
  3. I feel like an out of breath Cartman running to speak the rest of the guys at the bus stop!!!! Guys! Guys! You are not going to ^]€ing believe this!! Our lovely friend from this article is neither 30, nor a telephone trainer. Look!!! She makes money by taking her clothes off for a Birmingham model agency http://www.basemodels.co.uk/talent/detail/Rosie%20Dyer Screw you guys, I'm going home!
  4. That was dreadful. My answers would have been better and I'm a bear of little brain. Literally dreadful... Not at work today as got fired. Nice.
  5. I don't think I've ever, ever had a good nye night out. Early 30s, live in London, so out and about doing stuff all the time anyway. Quite why anyone would like to celebrate the onset of January (which is a rubbish month) by blowing £200 is beyond me. Bottle of posh plonk with the missus, few friends over, watch the fireworks from the windows, £200 into the deposit fund. Sorted. Happy new year to all HPCers. It often feels like the last bastion of sanity on here. Cheers to you all!
  6. April for me. Got a nice pay off and been travelling. The joys of not having a mortgage to service! Might start my own thing up, might go back to the corporate world. Loving the time off though! If anyone needs market research services and wants to help out a fellow hpcer...
  7. Just the rolling one re The Beeb: http://www.housepricecrash.co.uk/forum/index.php?showtopic=156210&pid=2824106&st=15entry2824106 My little plea for a non-hill-walking spokesman is on there...
  8. Yes TMT! Made a little bit of sick come into my mouth. Please see the other BBC thread. Know anyone who can step up and represent the site? Thoughts? Comments on the idea?
  9. I'm a humble employee and would get sacked. There must be someone on this site who runs their own small business who could step up? Pricedout have a woman who speaks sometimes, could we badger her to get on more often? That said, I'm sure someone on here could do it better. Someone? Anyone?
  10. Rather than moaning about it, can't we do the following: Write to the BBC and remind them that they have to put the contrary view when doing editorials (which is essentially what this is) then offer a (sane) representative of this site to provide a counterpoint? We could highlight the high numbers of readers/members of this blog and as long as we don't cone across as (too) doom peddling and get our facts right, we'll stop the monopoly currently held by such %|€¥¥|~€s as John €|!~$ing Charcoal! Just need someone who won't suffer career issues (a la the original spokesman) as a result of speaking out...
  11. Brilliant. I can wear that under my shirt and when a suspected Mumsnetting colleague spouts 'house prices only go up' nonsense and talks about buying a £765,000 one bed house in Clapham (Balham), I can rip open my shirt, superman style and laugh. To myself. God I'm tired of waiting...
  12. Perhaps to Leicester Square, Leicester Square? Arf arf arf, etc...
  13. HPC daytrip to the movies anyone? Eric could do a rousing speech afterwards. I'll get some 'Liar Loans On Tour' t-shirts printed. Sorted.
  14. In terms of protest, I make a one man dirty protest every now and again. Here's how: Have a general search of the area you're interested in. Pick a house that you like. Check propertybee. When it goes up in price or goes from 'under offer' to 'available', click on 'mail the estate agent' Fill in the form in an amusing way (address: 50 Interestrates Rise) and vent spleen in the comments box. I do this from time to time and then move some money from my current account into my deposit savings fund and then have a proper sit down. Viva la revolution!
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