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  1. I sincerely wish them good luck in living their dream wherever it takes them, that's what life is all about whatever the outcome they can say they have done it. We spent 5 years living in Italy "La Dolce Vita" my wife speaks fluent Italian and I went to University to study it. We never regretted giving up our UK lives to go there as we made good friends who we still have and our life is all the richer for the experience. Of course there are horror stories we were very nearly one of them but that's the risk you take. We also rented in France/Spain when we left Italy and have a good understanding how life is lived there. We came back to the UK for a number of reasons mainly funnily enough we missed the British sense of humour, we missed the fact that we understand where we stand as far as laws are concerned. Here are some hot tips for them, some mistakes ex pats make concern climate some places are too hot in summer and really cold in winter.Language you need to speak the lingo, job prospects should be good in the chosen area and you should always employ a local solicitor for legal guidance. Rent before you buy see if you like the place and can settle get to know the locals, they will give you the right steers.
  2. Best thread for a long time I too have been monitoring prices in Dorset like Sybil with a view to buying at the right price. I have noticed that there are more buyers than nice properties available. When a new property comes on there is a swarm of prospective buyers who will pay more or less the asking price. I would call the current situation stalemate between the buyers and sellers but something has got to give sooner or later. We will rent as long as we have to here in lovely Sherborne and wait it out, how many sellers will hold on especially when the inevitable rise in interest rates happens!
  3. As mentioned on here earlier this is sweet spot time everything looks rosy, the gardens, the old timers in their straw hats the sweet taste of strawberries all very twee. Its about sentiment a good time to sell a house but a bad time to buy one watch as reality starts to hit home, as soon as the sunshine is gone. I think the main difference between here and the States is the Englishman's home is his castle, and he's not going to give it away cheaply no siri no. Rather live on toast and baked beans then let them blighters have my house for less then I think it's worth. Only thing other then the the three D's that will make them sell will be the BIG IR (intrest rates) waiting for them round the corner and then the only way is down!
  4. I would like to understand so that I can determine whether Gilts/ Bonds are a viable option to invest money, the feeling I get is that it would'nt be worthwhile.But hey what do I know??
  5. Many thanks tried that before we looked also Zoopla but unfortunately it was'nt on there, as the owners have been there some time. After looking at the property there was tooooooooo much to do.
  6. We are also looking in North/West of Dorset also south west Wiltshire area, we have noticed that the market has picked up a lot, even EA's are advertising for more staff. Good properties are getting offers quite quickly which I am sure are below the asking price. We have tried one cheeky offer which nearly came off but unfortunately some numpty spoilt it by offering more. We have noticed that there are some parts of both Dorset/Wiltshire Counties we like more then others, we saw a place called Hindon the other day near Salisbury which we thought was an idilic village. Another place which is expensive but beautiful is Farnham in Dorset on the outskirts of Blandford which is'nt so nice. I do think that this activity in the housing market is just a spring surge though and I do expect it to go back into the doldrums from the summer onwards.
  7. Simon I am pleased you are keeping an open mind regarding improving this site and obviously its not going to happen from day one. There is always the danger though that you can get pushed and pulled in different directions, so please do not lose sight of your ultimate objectives. In terms of my perception the concept is very sound really the hard bit is ensuring you get the confidence and trust of buyers and sellers to use it. In my opinion the key to success is by ensuring that all properties listed are genuine low prices, using an accepted base line. In terms of how this base line is achieved I would say the fairest way would be by using Zoopla or Mouseprice or other land registry sites, which will provide the price of the property when it was originally purchased. Then put this data into something like the Nationwide regional price calculator which will give you a realistic current valuation of the property. This valuation would be the base line so nothing over this line is acceptable buyers will then be more enthusatic about using the site and grabbing a good bargain. Adopting a strategy like this would benefit both the seller and buyer because everyone is on a level playing field.
  8. I wondered whether any of you wise owls know the Bourton area we are going to look at a property SP85AP builder has done up a detached 3 bed stone cottage they want 300k for it? The builder bought the property with land and is building another house next door, with shared drive to this one. There is the obvious inconvenience of builders next door the estate agents wondered whether we wanted to buy next door as well, must of felt lucky when we told him we were cash buyers. I cant find any record of what the builder bought it for or whether he is asking a fair price any feedback on the area price would be most welcomed.
  9. I agree come the winter of 2009 the property market tide will continue to go out further, there will be a hint of desperation from sellers who missed out during the spring. The problem is a lot of sellers may decide to withdraw their properties from the market, leaving only less desirables properties. As mentioned several times on HPC the self denial property owners will always believe they are sitting on a gold mine.
  10. I may of missed it as well but I'll give you a clue what sort of agents are Saville's (upmarket)???
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