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  1. Is it any wonder we are all worse off when we have to continue servicing the lifestyles these leeches in Westminster have become accustomed to?
  2. Perhaps after finding bits of minced up equine in their processed rubbish elsewhere some people have decided enough is enough? That and it is far cheaper if you are prepared to put in the effort to sort your lunch out at home and put it in a plastic box.
  3. I would typically turn up and write something on my ballot paper but this time I will take advantage of UKIP splitting the Tory vote to try and give some of those corrupt local Councillors who seem to think they have a divine right to fill these positions year in year out a bloodied nose. My local is also the leader of the County Council ergo it's LibDem for me this time.
  4. ...or employ less 'Equality Officers' or 'Transport Compliance Officers' or whatever government organisations decide to pi$$ money away on.
  5. Not paying a tenner or so a month to line McClusky's nest would put food on the table for a day or two.
  6. Well, yes they do drive on the pavement to abandon their vehicles so I have to go around them and dodge traffic with my toddler and baby just so they do not interfere with the flow of all the other precious cars. Fewer cars means less likelihood of that happening but being a petrol/meathead that kind of logic obviously lost on you. Flipancy and being a c0ck, not what I expected of a typical car driver.
  7. Beeboid talking head said that this was 'great news for family budgets'. I shall now rejoice that my earnings are eroded at a slightly slower rate than before.
  8. My daughter's school is open today but the traffic was much lighter so I suspect some people have kept their kids at home because they assumed it was closed or just to be bloody-minded. However, I am concerned at all of those equality assessments, access policies and Standard Operating Procedures telling you how to write Standard Operating Procedures or climb the stairs safely that are going unwritten today. Truly terrifying.
  9. My grandmother always kept butter out of the fridge until it was runny and rancid. That, I'm afraid, put me off 'proper' butter for life (rather like school mash wish glassy lumps in it killed the potato as far as I am concerned). Yes, I am being a picky sod and I may have to lick my dustbin clean in the coming months and years for sustenance but the horror of rank butter still haunts me......spreadable butter, the best thing since, er sliced bread
  10. Definately some supermarket prices are highly volatile. Flour is one thing in our local Tesco that has varied wildly between 50p for 1.5kg up to £1.50 and then back again. Also, and for the first time, I noticed 500g Lurpak Spreadable was exactly the same price in every supermarket (that's five of them) I went into at a whopping £2.98. I have never seen this before. Are they operating some sort of dairy cartel these days?
  11. They charge the earth for things you get get from online retailers often at the fraction of the cost which are conveniently shoved through your letter box without you having to leave the comfort of your east chair. It really is a no-brainer and HMV just don't seem to get it.
  12. 'Bonfires of the QUANGOS', benefit caps, child benefit limits..............all hot air it would seem. Having been unfortuante enough to listen to a delivery by the chair of the Human Tissue Authority it was apparent that this member of the House of Lords knew nothing of their remit (they read in a monotone from notes without once looking up) and inspired little confidence in why such a body was really required. Indeed, it merely enforced the idea of jobs for the boys, or in this case, the girls....
  13. You wouldn't happen to live in Portsmouth or thereabouts would you? The piles of rubbish serve to make Southampton only marginally less attractive than normal as it is typically strewn with fast food packaging and cola bottles and other evidence of the typical diet of its inhabitants.
  14. Don't mess with Royston Smith. This guy wears his pants on the outside. My link
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